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How to Use Scoutbook | Keeping Track of Scout Advancement

Learning how to use Scoutbook is easy and will save Scout leaders and parents time while involving the Scouts in their own advancement process. Keeping track of Scout advancement is now more simple. All you need to know is within the Scoutbook site. It gets even easier than that, however. The BSA has announced Scoutbook Lite, which will feature a new user-friendly interface. It will be optimized for whatever device you use: desktop, tablet or smartphone ...

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Scout Sunday, Scout Sabbath, Scout Jumah: How Will You Celebrate?

For some Scouting is a wonderful hobby, for others, it is their way of life. Combine a passion for Scouting with a passion for duty to God, and you have Scout Sunday. The tradition of Scout Sunday began in 1914 as a way to come together with shared values and beliefs— to unify— and to celebrate the contributions of both young and adult to Scouting and to faith. To many, this is a day of celebration ...

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Fastest Pinewood Derby Car Designs and Pinewood Derby Rules

Racing pinewood derby cars is one of the most fun activities in Cub Scouts. The Scouts get to work with their fathers and Scout leaders to construct fun cars of every design and race them against each other. This article teaches the fastest pinewood derby car designs, following pinewood derby rules. But before we get into that, have you ever wondered how  ...





History of the Scout Klondike Derby

Do you know the song “We’re Going North, the Rush is On?” In 1897 gold was discovered in the Klondike area of northwest Canada. It lies just to the east of Alaska. Over 100,000 people raced to the spot to try to find riches. I read that of the 100,000 who started, only 30,000 made it. They got there by all means, but most put their supplies on a sled pulled by dogs. Some got rich, but most did not ...





National Parks and the BSA: Growing Together Through a Common Goal

In 1907, Lord Baden Powell established the Scouting Movement in Great Britain. Three years later, in 1910, Scouting came to the United States. Shortly after, The National Parks Service was founded, on August 25, 1916. The two organizations grew quickly throughout the next decade, both with the help of each other and the economic success of the  ...


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