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"If it wasn't for National Youth Leadership Training, I wouldn't be going on a mission.  Before I went to NYLT I was not headed in the right direction.  The skills I learned, the brotherhood I shared, the goals I made at NYLT all gave me the confidence and direction at a critical time in my life."

Nathan Foster - Boise, ID

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Timberline NYLT - "Preparing today America's leaders of tomorrow!"

Timberline NYLT is an exciting, action-packed, week-long program designed to provide youth a positive learning environment where development of leadership skills is at the core. The skills learned are immediately put into practice through a variety of games and activities in a fun environment.

The program is designed for boys age 12-13 and all youth ages 14-20. Boys ages 12-13 should have achieved the rank of First Class by the camp date. 


A major objective of Timberline NYLT is to give participants a working knowledge of advanced leadership skills, and help them relate these skills to their home and troop responsibilities. Scouts also have a wide range of opportunities to share ideas and experiences with Scouts from other troops. Leadership requires vision, goals, planning, and team work. These are taught throughout the week in various settings including presentations, games and hands-on experiences. The skills learned during the course also help prepare Scouts for fatherhood and a lifetime of leadership roles.

What it Represents

A Timberline NYLT course is set up to represent a month in the life of an ideal Boy Scout Troop. Like the Troop, NYLT participants are assigned to a patrol of usually 4-6 boys. The course emulates the first 3 weeks of the month, complete with Patrol Leader's Council meetings, Troop meetings, Patrol meetings, and planning for a big Troop event (the 4th week). Incorporated throughout the course are a wide variety of games and activities that build individual skills and confidence, and also builds a patrol into a strong team. Scouting is a boy-led program, and this helps put the "boy" more strongly in charge.

The course is directed by a staff of youth leaders and instructors who work closely with their adult advisers. Scouts and their patrols get an opportunity to practice and experience leadership skills first-hand.

Scouts who have completed the National Youth Leader Training course return to their troops with a toolbox of leadership skills that enables them to better understand their role as someone who can and should shape the direction of his troop.

"Each Scout returns home knowing not only how the troop functions, but why," said John Walker, a Scoutmaster at the Houston pilot course. "He is better equipped to communicate with boys and adults, to plan, to help the troop function as a high-performance unit."

See October 2004 of Scouting Magazine A New Vision of Youth Leadership.

Cancellation policy - 100% refund up to 30 days prior to the start date for the Troop. If another boy replaces the boy that cancels, then a full refund will be given.

Thank you for registering for Timberline NYLT. You are going to have a great experience as part of the Timberline Troop for which you just registered.

Timberline Forms

Annual Health & Medical Record

2010 Application (if not registering online)

Personal Resource Questionaire

Timberline NYLT Equipment List




If you have questions, please call the Scout Service Center at 801-437-6222




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