OA Election Form

    Scout Masters and Varsity Coaches who would like to hold elections in their units should contact the OA Chapter Chief or OA Advisor for a date to have OA representatives available. (It is encouraged that both the Troop and Varsity team plan on having elections the same night.  If more than one Ward/Unit meet in the same building on the same night it is also encouraged that they coordinate to have elections at the same time.)
    Prior to the election the Unit Leader should complete the election form. That form may be down-loaded (.pdf file) or obtained by contacting the Chapter Advisor.  This form when initially completed can then be copied and the copies used as the ballots.
    The night of the election the OA representative will show a 15 minute Video telling about the OA.  Questions will then be answered.  After all questions have been answered, the Units/Troops/Varsity Teams will then divide up and go to separate rooms where the elections will be held.  The ballots will be collected and tabulated by the OA representatives and the results will be immediately announced to the Units/Troops/Varsity Team members.  (Upon completion of the election the newly elected candidates are then listed on the back of the form and given to the OA Representative -Advisor.)

Thank You.
Le Jackson