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Super Activities and Week Long Programs


Every Venturing Crew should plan a Super Activity and every Varsity Team should plan an Ultimate Adventure.  From three or four-day wilderness treks, 50 Milers, Kodiak courses, or a fully programmed BSA High Adventure Base, there is something for everyone.  If you are beginners, try a Tier 1 Program.  Tier 2 programs are for more experiences crews and teams, whereas Tier 3 Programs are completely crew planned and crew lead.

Council High Adventure Bases (Tier 1)

Council Preferred High Adventure Vendors and Programs (Tier 1)

BSA Regional High Adventure Bases (Tier 1)

National High Adventure Bases (Tier 2)

50-Milers, Unit-Planned, Kodiaks, and Build Your Own Adventures (Tier 3)

LDS Stake Encampments, Camp Helaman and Kodiak Planning Template

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