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Merit Badge Adventure Tracks—tell me all about them

The Utah National Parks Council is pleased to announce we are implementing a new “Adventure Track” system of extraordinary learning and outdoor experiences at Thunder Ridge, TIFIE, and Scofield-Frandsen Scout camps.

The intent is to allow our youth to combine adventure with learning* to have exciting and challenging learning experiences that will leave a positive, and extraordinary, imprint they can carry with them throughout their lives. We want to light a fire in their hearts, which will motivate them to come back year after year for more great experiences as they continue to grow and mature; and to bring others along with them.

These will be offered at three different levels of difficulty and expertise. They will progress from Beginner (Green) for the younger Scouts, to Intermediate (Blue) and Advanced (Black Diamond), like ski runs, for older or more experienced youth (e.g., Varsity and Venture). Each level of difficulty will include variations of:

~Scouting Basics (Green only)

~Basic adventure tracks

~Single and multi-day off-site high-adventure packages

~Ultra-fitness challenge courses and events.

Green: Basic all-around experiences conducted both in and out of camp. A lot of interactive, hands-on, interpretive and outdoor activities that are integrated with fulfilling merit badge technical requirements.

Blue: designed for older youth* more advanced activities, to include Overnight camping, and higher adventure experiences (e.g., rappelling, mountain biking, backpacking, canoe camping).

Black: designed to provide greater levels of challenge, implementing dynamic Venturing and Ranger-type experiences. Challenging and exciting programs that push the adventure envelope (e.g., survival, multi-day backcountry treks, canyoneering, ultra-activity & endurance cross-country legs—hiking, biking, kayaking, climbing).

Merit Badge Adventure Tracks

What are they: These are camp experiences that allow Scouts to work on selected program elements and merit badges while experiences the Adventure of Scouting in the outdoors.

How do they work: Scouts sign up for the track they wish to participate in, some are two day tracks while others take the entire week. When participating in the chosen track Scouts may complete requirements for rank advancement, several merit badges, or BSA awards.

Why are they used: Adventure Tracks move the Scouts out of a “class room” setting and into the outdoor learning laboratory which camps are meant to be. It is the total involvement while earning recognition that becomes a personal life changing experience.

DOWNLOAD the Current BSA Annual Health and Medical Record Form




The following campfire scenarios will be allowed at Thunder Ridge this summer:

  • Natural Fuel (Wood) Campfire: Must be contained in a fire pan or fire barrel. The fire should be between 5” to 18” off the ground and must never be left unattended. Ashes must be bagged and thrown away, not dumped on the ground in the campsite.
  • Charcoal Briquettes: Same as wood fires. Must be lit and contained in a fire barrel or Dutch Oven table that is at least 5” off the ground. Spent ashes must be bagged and thrown away.
  • Propane or other contained fuel: Always appropriate in any form.

Scout leaders interested in having a natural fuel fire at camp do no need to bring any of their own firewood. The camp has enough deadfall and trees felled for fire safety that every troop should have enough firewood to meet their needs. As drought and extra dry conditions strike the Southern Utah area, the Forest Service will place a ban on all natural fires and charcoal briquettes. If a ban is put into place during the summer it will not be lifted for any reason (including inclement weather) until after the summer is over.

SCOUTMASTERS ARE REQUIRED TO KNOW WHAT, IF ANY, FIRE RESTRICTIONS HAVE BEEN PUT INTO PLACE AND PLAN ACCORDINGLY. If you have questions about fire resctrictions contact the camp director via email or contact the main council office in Orem directly.

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