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Beaver High Adventure Base Group Camping

Are you looking for a beautiful and pristine place to go with your LDS Stake, youth conference, girls camps, or Scouting district where you provide your own merit badge counselors, programs, and food as a discount?  Consider Beaver as the ideal location!  For as little as $10 a day per person, come and camp in an improved campsite with running water, latrines, showers, and garbage facilities.

We also have lots of space for camping, fantastic campsites, four developed fire bowls, and lake nearby for fishing.  You provide the program and we run the services.  Other programs can be provided upon request with an additional cost.  Here are a few of the options you may consider:

  • Stake or Church Young Mens Camps (Bring all of your scouting-age youth 11-18).  You provide the merit badge counselors for the Boy Scouts, we provide the High Adventure program for youth 14-18 (they pay for the program they use), and we leave you alone to do firesides and spiritual activities in the evening.
  • Stake Youth Conferences (Same as above for boys and girls 14-18).  We can provide seperate camping facilities for each gender.
  • District or Stake Boy Scout Camps (Boys 11-13 at around $50 per person.  You provide the merit badge program, we provide the property and qualified staff for certain program areas.)
  • Stake or Church Girls Camps (Same as the boys camps listed above except just for girls).

Basic Rates for 2014

  • $12.00 Per Day Per Person ($3.00 off per day if before January 31)
  • $17.00 Per Day Per Person Out of Council Participants.  (The discount still applies for out of council participants).
  • $5.45 a Meal Per Person (Optional)

Large Group Camping Scheduling Tips

  • 100 Participants - Pick two programs a day to rotate (programs can be camp-provided or on your own).  Repeat each day for as many days as your group wishes.
  • 200 Participants - Pick four programs a day to rotate (programs can be camp-provided or on your own) and participants will pick from two programs each day for two days if they want to do all four programs.
  • 300 Participants - Pick six programs a day to rotate (programs can be camp-provided or on your own) and participants will pick from two programs each day for three days if they want to do all six programs.
  • 400 Participants - Pick eight programs a day to rotate (programs can be camp-provided or on your own) and participants will pick from two programs each day for four days if they want to do all eight programs.

Program Rental Fees for Large Groups over 50 in 2014

If your group is under 50 go here for program and pricing information for smaller groups.

Rentals includes use of area for full-day including program staff.  You choose how and when you want to use the program to rotate in participants.  You can select more than one program area and rotate kids, or you can select one a day.  Be advised that the more kids you have the less time they will spend at the activity.  For example, if you have 100 kids at the COPE area for the day you purchased, they will only be occupied about 2 hours of that day.

  • Climbing Area - $1600 (limit 50 each day)
  • COPE Area - $1700 (limit 75 each day)
  • Battle Creek Area - $1500 (limit 100 each day)
  • Mountain Biking at the Ski resort-  $40 per person Full day ride, $25 for a half day ride (limit 40 each day, or 80 if you do a half day ride)
  • Frontier/Homestead - $1500 (limit 60 each day)
  • Shooting Sports $1600 (ammo included limit 60 each day) addition fees may apply if reserved for merit badge classes to accommodate the ammo needed to pass off the merit badge.
  • Horse Trek - $50 per person for full day ride, $25 per person half day ride (limit 60 per day half day, and 30 per day full day) NOT YET AVAILABLE IN 2015
  • Whitewater Rafting - $40 per person (limit 96 each day)
  • Youth Dances - Ask for Details
  • Handcart Treks - Ask for Details

To register or for more information, call David Peterson at 435-813-2252 or email  A customizable program and price schedule can be drawn up for you.


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