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The Iron Horse District Homepage


Highlighted Activities


Adult Recognition Activity, February 26, 2015, 7 pm, 1530 West Pheasant Point Drive Lehi  (Across from Fow Hollow Elementary)


Webelos Rendezvous, March 21, 2015, 8 am, 3200 N 600 E, Lehi


Journey to Excellence LDS Version 2015 Forms

JTE 11yr old form         JTE Pack form            JTE Troop form            JTE Team form          JTE Crew form


BSA Health Form AB                   BSA Health Forms ABC (Long Term Camp)        Silver Beaver Application

Roundtable is held at 7:00 pm on the first Thursday of each month (January will be on the 8th) at 650 East 3200 North in Lehi.

Members of the Iron Horse District come from the following chartering partners:
Lehi Stakes; Cedar Hollow, Lehi East, Lehi North, Lehi West, Pheasant Pt. and Traverse Mtn.
American Fork Stakes; AF Central, AF East, AF North, AF Utah, AF West and Hillcrest
Community; St Peters Catholic, Presbyterian Community, Lehi Rotary Club.
Chairman   Craig Wilkins 801-756-7748
Commissioner   Cameron Holman 801-592-8164
Exec Vice Commissioner   Marc Baker 801-602-1304
Executive   John P Peterson 801-636-0358
Executive Sec   Ron VanLeuven 801-766-9412
VC Program        
VC Membership   Wendy Wiltbank 801-592-3514
Roundtable   Sam Liddiard 801-763-3020
VC Fund Development   Pending    
Activities Chair   Hugh Johnson 801-756-9924  
Advancement Chair   Elizabeth Shumway 801-407-6100
Camp & Outdoors Promo   Steve Roll 801-400-0168
Nominating Chair   James Hadfield 801-763-3000
Nominating VC   Paul Hancock 801-673-8783
Order of Arrow   Alton Anderson 801-768-0452
Training Chair   Paul Strong 801-756-8284
Web/Public Relations   Loren Smith 801-380-0273
Quartermaster   Randy Bleazard 801-756-9731  
Webelos Events   Nichole Lemon 801-735-1034
Varsity Mtn Man   Michael Pace 801-885-6975


District News


    Notices;  Tour and Activity Plans

          On-line Tour Plan Forms are now available; Scout Unit leaders are now able to fill out and file local and national tour plans electronically. We encourage all Scouting units from our council to use this new service to fill out unit tour plans.  The new  link;


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