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Highlighted Activities

Iron Horse Varsity Mountain Man Rendezvous @ Maple Dell 5/13-14 2016


2016 Iron Horse Cub Day Camp registration

Session 1              Session 2              Session 3            Session 4

June 7-8            June 14-15           June 21-22           June 28-29

If you live outside the Iron Horse District, you can put your name on a waiting list by following the link below.




Journey to Excellence LDS Version 2016 Forms  

JTE Pack 2016        JTE 11yr 2016         JTE Troop 2016           JTE Team 2016          JTE Crew 2016


BSA Health Form AB                   BSA Health Forms ABC (Long Term Camp)        Silver Beaver Application          

                IRON HORSE DISTRICT   
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Lehi Stakes; Cedar Hollow, Lehi East, Lehi North, Lehi West, Pheasant Pt. and Traverse Mtn.
American Fork Stakes; AF Central, AF East, AF North, AF Utah, AF West and Hillcrest
Community; St Peters Catholic, Lehi Rotary Club.  
Chairman Kelly Harper 801-756-6891
Commissioner Jeff Carpenter 801-232-7195
Exec Vice Commissioner Sam Liddiard 801-763-3020
Program Chairman Hugh Johnson 801-756-9924
Executive John P Peterson 801-636-0358
Executive Sec Ron VanLeuven 801-766-9412
VC Membership Wendy Wiltbank 801-592-3514
VC Fund Development Dale Gunther 801-592-1862
Scout Roundtable Brent Summerhays 801 380-5072
Cub Roundtable Lori Carpenter 801-830-4969
Advancement Chair Elizabeth Shumway 801-407-6100
Nominating Chair James Hadfield 801-763-3000
Nominating VC Paul Hancock 801-673-8783
Order of Arrow Layne Garrett 801-400-5297
Camp Promotion Steve Roll 801-400-0166
Training Chair Paul Strong 801-756-8284
Public Relations & IT Loren Smith 801-380-0273
Special Awards  Jack Wiltbank 801-766-5678
Quartermaster Randy Bleazard 801-756-9731  
Cub Day Camp Lorna Heppler 801- 358-1120
Varsity Mtn Man Mike Pace 801-885-6975
Webelos Activities Pending    
 Roundtable; For all Scout Leaders, will be the first Thursday of the month at 
650 East 3200 North in Lehi, Utah at 7:00pm.    
2016 Iron Horse Calendar     
Youth Protection Training @ Roundtable every month  
Merit Badge Counselor Training @ Roundtable every month  
Scoutmaster Training@ Roundtable 4/7/2016 6:00pm-10  
Iro Horse Varsity Mtn Man Rendezvouse 5/13-14/2016 @ Maple Dell
Cub Scout Day Camp in June 2016    

District News


    Notices;  Tour and Activity Plans

          On-line Tour Plan Forms are now available; Scout Unit leaders are now able to fill out and file local and national tour plans electronically. We encourage all Scouting units from our council to use this new service to fill out unit tour plans.  The new  link;


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