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  • Influential Women in Scouting
    Each year since 2010, this award is a symbol of recognition, respect and appreciation for the women whose influence is felt by many through their years of service to youth in Scouting as well as in our communities. This award is presented to women who have been nominated based on their exceptional character and example of the values of Scouting, and then selected by the council committee.
  • Sell Scout Show Tickets and Fund Your Dream Scout Year!
    Scouting has many expenses, but you shouldn't let that stop you from planning your dream year of Scouting. With Scout Saver Cards, you can earn the funds you need for your unit's ideal year!

Q: Where does my money go?

A: 100% of donated money is used to benefit local Scouting!

Q: Why is Friends of Scouting so important?

A: Funds raised through Friends of Scouting are about 40% of the total income budget for the Utah National Parks Council.

Q: What do you spend my money on?

A: Friends of Scouting money, in part, is used to subsidize camp fees. Other donations go towards building and improving camps.

Q: Do you spend it well?

A: The Utah National Parks Council is dedicated to keeping its costs low. Our accounting processes are also professionally audited to assure that our affairs are well managed and properly executed. Our council is also debt free. As far as dollar spent per boy, we are the nation's most efficient council.

Q: I gave last year, why should I give again?

A: The growth of our Friends of Scouting and Capital Campaigns does not keep pace with our membership growth. Our region is rapidly growing and we need to continue to serve all the youth in our council.

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