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                                        Utah National Parks Council Contact Information

Professional and Support Staff

(Contact regarding Rechartering, Friends of Scouting, Camping, Keepers of the Flame, Events, Jamboree, Adult/Youth Applications, etc.)

Name Phone Council Position
Orem Service Center 801-437-6222 Professional and Support Staff - Rechartering, Camping, Keepers of the Flame, Jamboree, Friends of Scouting, Adult/Youth Applications, etc.

Council Scout Shops

Ali Mohammad 385-223-0381 Director of Council Scout Shops
Lori Root 435-657-0073 Heber Store Manager
Janet Gale 435-869-6619 Richfield Store Manager
Falicity Wilkins 435-586-1613 Cedar City Store Manager
Melinda Hotchkins 435-637-8059 Price Store Manager
Susan Checketts 435-789-9108 Vernal Store Manager
Sylvia Wendell 435-283-6451 Ephraim Store Manager
Nanette Watson 435-283-6451 Ephraim Store Manager

Camping, Program, and Properties

Bob Gowans 435-628-5172 Director of Camping - Quail Creek, Thunder Ridge, Beaver High Adventure, Blue Mountain, High Uintah, Scout Camps
Dave Merrill 435-628-5172 Camp Ranger
Steve Sutherland 801-437-6212 Camping Director - Tifie, Scofield, Entrada High Adventure Base Scout Camps
David Johnson 801-717-5624 Camping Director - Maple Dell, Bacon Memorial Park Scout Camps
Mark Veteto 801-465-3309 Camp Ranger
Ann Shumway 801-437-6218 Camping Director and Learning for Life Director - Camp Jeremiah Johnson, Buck Hollow Scout Camp
Susan Harmon 801-437-4467 Program Assistant
Angela Shelley 801-437-6221 Program Assistant
Dae Richey 801-437-6229 Quartermaster
Robert Gledhill 801-437-6209 IT Specialist


Lamar Jensen 801-437-6216 Comptroller (CFO)
Leon Perry 801-437-6224 Accountant
David LeDuc 801-437-6223 Bookkeeper
Susan Juber 801-437-4409 Bookkeeper
  801-437-4468 (Susan Cheever, Assistant) Grant Writer


Mel Gardner 801-437-4408 Marketing Director
Maloree Anderson 801-437-4468

Marketing Specialist 

Michelle Carpenter 801-373-4185 Marketing Specialist

Utah National Parks Council Management Team 

Dave Pack 801-437-6205 Scout Executive
McKenna Hunt 801-437-6213 Executive Assistant to Dave Pack
Maria Milligan   Chief of Staff
Clint Lawton 801-437-6206 Direct of Field Services
Susan Naihe 801-437-6234 Administrative Assistant to Clint Lawton
John Gailey 801-437-6233 Director of Support Services
Maloree E Anderson 801-437-4478 Administrative Assistant to John Gailey
Darryl Alder 801-437-6208 Director of Strategic Initiatives
Michelle Carpenter 801-373-4185 Administrative Assistant to Darryl Alder
Paul Tikalsky 435-590-1948 Development Director
Susan Cheever 801-437-4468 Administrative Assistant to Paul Tikalsky

Updated: February 6, 2017

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