Lost and Found Policy and Procedures



In the council’s efforts to live by the Scout Oath and Law, and specifically to be Trustworthy and Thrifty, the council has adopted a Lost and Found policy. The purpose of this policy is to 1) provide consistency of how we handle lost items, 2) provide the best chance to return lost items to their owner, and 3) if the owner is not found, efficiently use or dispose of the lost item in a safe manner.
The official ‘Lost and Found’ management and storage of items will be done at the council headquarters in Orem through the Outdoor Center. Any found or unclaimed property can be turned in to the lost and found, which will be kept in a secure location for up to 30 days until they are claimed.

Items Lost at Camp:

If an item was lost at camp during the summer camp season (June – August), items may remain at the camp until after the summer camp season. If this is the case, the owner may contact the Camp Director of the camp where the item was lost, or wait until after the season is over. At the end of the summer camp season, all lost and found items will be transferred to the Outdoor Center and held for 30 days.
All items lost at camp during the off-season (September – May), will be returned to the Outdoor Center within seven (7) days of finding the item.


Turning In:
  1. Items are tagged upon arrival with the following information:
    • the date turned in
    • a description of the item
    • location of where item was found
    • individual who found the item
    • Items are then placed in a secure location
  2. If the item contains the owner’s identification, staff will make every effort to contact the individual as soon as possible.
  3. 4. To attempt to ensure lost items are returned to the rightful owners, persons claiming items must describe the item(s) as closely as possible and provide identification. Claimants must pick up item in person in order to claim.
Disposing of Items:
Items are held for 30 days and then disposed of in the following ways:
  1. Unclaimed cash, or other items of value will be donated to the Utah National Parks Council.
  2. Any items that could be of valuable use for our volunteers or programs will be given to the Quartermaster for use within the council rental system.
  3. Any uniform pieces will be donated to our Uniform Exchange program to benefit local youth and volunteers.
  4. Drivers licenses will be destroyed if not claimed by the appropriate owner.
  5. Identification cards (credit, debit, ATM, telephone) will be destroyed if not claimed by the appropriate owner.
  6. Cell phones will be sold and the profit will be donated to the Utah National Parks Council.
  7. Prescription eyeglasses/sunglasses will be donated to a local thrift store.
  8. Any keys will be discarded.
  9. Unmatched items, damaged items, perishable, or other non-resale items will be discarded or recycled.
  10. All other items will be taken to the local thrift store.
  11. Employees are not allowed to use, borrow, or keep items, including after the 30- day period has passed.

Inquiring about a lost item:

If you believe your item/property has been lost, please contact the Outdoor Center via email with the following information:
  1. Name
  2. Contact information
  3. Description of lost item (detailed)
  4. Estimated date of loss
  5. Location lost (if known)
A response will be sent within 48 hours of your inquiry.
April 13, 2017

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