Zion DistrictAdult Recognition Awards

Adult Recognition Awards

Each adult volunteer who serves enjoys — and deserves — a heartfelt "Thank You" for a job well done. The awards linked below allow you to recognize those leaders who help make the pack go, the troop work, or the district function. Futher, we set an example for our boys when we work for and receive the appropriate recognitions for our scouting position.

There are two broad categories of adult recongition awards: Earned and Nominated. 

Earned awards encourage leaders to do the things necessary to be a successful leader, such as getting trained, regular program planning, and gaining experience and tenure. When the award's requirements have been met, it is earned. Nominated awards recognize leaders for their impact and excellence in service. Nominated awards also have requirements that must be met, but the candidate must also be nominated by somebody (someone like YOU!). Click on the award below for more details.

Cub Scout Leaders Cub Scout Leader Awards

Cub Scout/Webelos Den Leader
Assistant Cubmaster/Den Leader
Pack Committee/Pack Trainer
Any Cub Scout Leader

 Boy Scout Leader Awards

Assistant Scoutmaster
Troop Committee

 Varsity Scout Leader Awards

Assistant Coach
Team Committee

 Venturing Leader Awards

Assistant Advisor
Crew Committee

 Commissioner Awards

Unit Commissioner
Doctorate of Commissioner ScienceDoctorate of Commissioner Science
Roundtable Commissioner
Doctorate of Commissioner ScienceDoctorate of Commissioner Science
Boy Scout Awards

 All Adult Leaders

Religious Emblem
Service in the Pack, Troop, Team, or Crew
Service in the District
Second Miler Award
For distinguished service to youth

Female Adult Leaders

Women whose lives and activities have benefited the cause of Scouting