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Go here for Eagle Forms:






This is how to get your Eagle project approved:


STEP 1: Get a copy of the “Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook” and read the entire workbook. Refer to page 1-4 for Eagle project requirements.


STEP 2: Fill out all pages up to page 2-4.


STEP 3: Obtain these four signatures on page 2-4: Candidate’s Promise, Unit Leader Approval, Beneficiary Approval, Unit Committee Approval


STEP 4: After you obtain those four signatures.  Make an appointment with your coach. This person will also be your Eagle project coach.


STEP 5: Make an appointment with a district/council representative.  Your coach will have this information.


To find a project coach, contact a project coach below (they do not have to be in your stake) or you make contact or call 801-766-9273.


NOTE: The Scout may use any coach, inside or outside of his stake. This is an alphabetical list.





Kevin Bean


American Fork East Stake


Dennis Beck


American Fork North Stake


Karson Butterfield


American Fork Central


Lucinda Ewell


American Fork Central Stake


Layne Garrett


American Fork East Stake


Mike Hartzell


American Fork Hillcrest Stake


Matthew Jeffs


American Fork North Stake


Michael Johnson


American Fork Hillcrest Stake


Rene Luthi


(American Fork Stake)


Jen Lynsky


American Fork West Stake



Rochelle Pinnock 


American Fork Central Stake


Marlin Smith


American Fork Central Stake


Edi Ulloa


American Fork Hillcrest Stake


Ron Ulloa


American Fork Hillcrest Stake


Troy Willardston


American Fork East Stake





Katia Anderson


Lehi East Stake 


Michael R. Anderson


Lehi East Stake


Buddy Deimler 


Lehi East Stake


Jared Ellis


Lehi Traverse Mountain Stake





Search “eagle scout project ideas” on the Internet for possible eagle project ideas. Or talk with your parents, leaders or project coach.






See page 1-4 of the most recent Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook for Eagle project guidelines.






Talk to your Eagle coach for details. You will need:

- Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook (Form 512-927)

- Eagle Scout Application, 2014 Printing (Form 512-728)

- Ambitions and Life Purpose Sheet (see requirement seven on your Eagle Application)

- Member Unit Advancement Summary (ask your unit’s advancement chair)

- Letters of Recommendation (five or six letters)

- Join date verification from Council office (completed by Eagle coach)

- Merit Badge Verification Worksheet (completed by Eagle coach)

- Eagle Candidate Statistics Form (completed by Eagle coach)






Eagle boards of review are held by appointment only. They typically take about 30 minutes.


Eagle board of reviews will be held on the 2nd Thursday of the month.  Appointments will be made by Elizabeth Shumway.  801-407-6100 or



Come dressed in a Boy Scout uniform or your Sunday best. Do NOT go buy a Boy Scout uniform for your Board of Review! If you choose to wear a Scout shirt, you may wear official Boy Scout pants, dress slacks, or khakis. Do not wear denim or jeans. The merit badge sash may be worn, but is optional.


At the beginning of your review, you and your Scout leader will stand while your leader introduces and recommends you to the board.


After introductions, you will recite the Scout Oath and Scout Law while giving the Scout sign—right arm raised to a 90° angle (Scout Handbook, p. 7).


The board of review consists of three adult Scout leaders. They will ask you questions about your Eagle project, your merit badges, the Scout Oath and Law, your goals and ambitions and about your Scouting experiences.


Your parents may come with you to your board of review. However, they must wait outside during your review. After your board of review, you and your parents will meet with the board members to receive instructions.


After your Board, your paperwork will be sent to the Utah National Parks Council for approval. Then, it’s sent to the National BSA. The whole process from takes 3 to 6 weeks, maybe longer depending on the National BSA.


You will receive a phone call or an email verifying your Eagle paperwork has been approved. After you receive that phone call or email, you can hold your Eagle Court of Honor.






After you Board of Review, you are an Eagle Scout “candidate” until the National Boy Scouts of America approves your Eagle application.  The date of your Eagle board of review is the date you are officially an Eagle Scout.


STEP 1: Wait for a phone call or email from scout office

We will give your paperwork to the council. After the council and national BSA offices approve your application, you will receive a phone call or an email from the scout office


STEP 2: Pick up your Eagle packet

After you receive your phone call or email, you and/or a parent or leader takes it to the Scout office:

Utah National Parks Council

748 North 1340 West, Orem, Utah 84057

Main number: 801-437-6222

Scout Shop: 801-221-1008

OPEN: M-F, 8:30 to 5:30; Saturday, 9:00 to 2:00


As you walk into the scout office, just let them know you are here to pick up your eagle certificate.  They will direct from there

1) Your Eagle certificate

2) Your Eagle plastic wallet card

3) A voucher to buy your presentation kit (see step 3)


IMPORTANT: You may not hold your Eagle court of honor until you receive your Eagle certificate, which verifies you are officially an Eagle Scout.


STEP 3: Buy an Eagle presentation kit

This is optional. If you choose to buy a Scout presentation kit, take the voucher to the Scout store located next door. Go to the rotunda and give them your voucher. The kit includes a patch, medal, mother’s pin, father’s pin and mentor pin. You may buy more than one mentor pin. The estimated cost of the presentation kit is $29.99. Before visiting the Scout store, ask your leader who pays for this kit. Some units pay. 


STEP 4: Hold your Eagle court of honor

Do not announce the date for your court of honor until you have received your Eagle certificate (step #2) and obtained your Eagle presentation kit (step #3). There is no “official” way to hold a court of honor. The ceremony is up to you, your parents and leaders.



Display your Eagle certificate at your court of honor.



- Ben Woodruff, Hutchings Museum (801-567-9018)



- Available at the Utah National Parks Council.

- American Fork Library has free decorations. Contact Sheena at 801-763-3070 for details. 

- Paul Strong (801-717-0046) has a large 18’ X 12’ American Flag to rent for $20 as a back drop.







AMERICAN FORK: The mayor will send you a congratulatory letter. If you do not receive a letter within a few months of your Board of Review, contact Laurel Allman,

801-763-3000, extension 522 or you can e-mail her at


LEHI CITY: You will be invited to a Lehi City Council meeting for recognition. The mayor’s secretary, Teisha Wilson, will call or send you a letter. If you do not hear from her, call 801-768-7100, extension 1 or e-mail her at



You will automatically receive formal recognition in the mail from your U.S. senators and representatives.



To receive congratulations from the governor, you must e-mail or mail the full name of the Scout and the Scout’s mailing address to:

Fran Fish, Office Administrator

Tel: 801-538-1000 • E-mail:

Governor’s Office

Utah State Capitol Complex

350 North State Street, Suite 200

Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-2220



To received formal recognition from the White House, visit this website:


The White House Greetings Office receives and processes all requests in accordance with long-standing guidelines. Please carefully review the guidelines below prior to submitting your request. Requests that do not comply with the guidelines or do not contain sufficient information cannot be fulfilled.


Under “What do you want us to send?” select EAGLE SCOUT.


Whenever possible, all greetings will be mailed from the White House approximately 14 days prior to the event.





How to order a flag flown over the United States capitol. There is a nominal fee.


Step 1: 

If you would like order the flag through a U.S. senator, visit this URL: Click on the SENATORS button.


If you would like order the flag through a U.S. representative, visit this URL: Click on REPRESENTATIVES.


Step 2: 

Find the senator or representative for your state.


Step 3: 

Click on the “Order U.S. Flags Request.” Note: Each Senator and

Representative has a different link for ordering a flag.


Step 4: 

Click on “Flag Order Form” for pricing and shipping information.


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