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Utah National Parks Council's

 Wood Badge with Family Odyssey

July 21-26, 2014

at Mountain Dell / Tifie Scout Camp

For late registration, contact Doug or Becky Barlow at 801-361-7721.


Page Modified: 14 March, 2014

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2014 Family Odyssey Guidebook


Bring your family, and experience Scouting at its best!




  1. A $100 non-refundable deposit is due at registration.
  2. Registration ends and all fees are due in full on June 1, 2014.
  3. Cancellations must be made through the Council Service Center by May 15. You will receive a refund, minus the deposit.  After May 15, cancellations will not qualify for a refund.


Please read the following information carefully.  It will address most of your questions.

Wood Badge with Family Odyssey is a unique approach to Scout Leader Training.  Adult Scout Leaders attend Wood Badge, and youth Scouters may attend Timberline NYLT.  The rest of the family gets a great Scouting experience, too.  It will be challenging at times, but it is well worth it!

Please understand that Wood Badge training is intensive, running from right after breakfast until dinner time.  Many Scout Leaders want to attend this valuable training but don't want to leave their families home for a full week.  Family Odyssey gives you the opportunity to come to the mountain together.  However, you will not spend much time doing the same activities once the programs start.  This might be compared to a normal work week at home.  You'll each have unique experiences during the day and come together at meal time to share what you've done with each other.  Wednesday night is Family Night when you can enjoy Camp Tifie's activities together.

Location and Facilities

Tifie (ty' fee) is a new scout camp near Mount Pleasant, Utah, about an hour south of Provo.  Its mountain terrain is rugged and beautiful.   Activities include a heated outdoor pool, shooting ranges, COPE course, and horseback riding.  Tifie has flushing toilets, shower facilities, and each camp site has a covered pavilion.  The acronym TIFIE stands for Teaching Individuals & Families Independence through Entrepreneurship.


  • Plan to arrive at Tifie on either Saturday or Sunday (July 19-20).  There will not be time to set up camp Monday morning before the programs start.
  • Campsites are shared with at least one other family.  You may request who to share a campsite with.
  • Trailer sites are $25 and must be reserved at registration.  FULL-SIZE FOUR WHEEL DRIVE TRUCKS ARE REQUIRED TO PULL TRAILERS UP THE MOUNTAIN.  You won't make it up to camp without a 4x4, especially if it rains.  There are NO trailer hook-ups or power.  Trailer sites may be farther down the hill than the campsites.


  • All meals are provided from Monday breakfast through Saturday lunch.  If you have food allergies or special dietary needs, please make note of them when you register.
  • Plan to provide your own food before Monday morning.


Choose from these great programs:

Wood Badge Scout Leader Training

  • Wood Badge participants attend training from breakfast until dinner each day.  Wednesday evening is Family Night, when families can enjoy Tifie's activities together.
  • One parent may attend Wood Badge.  A responsible adult needs to be available in camp in case your child gets sick or has an emergency.

Timberline NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training)

  • Scouts age 12-15 may choose to attend Timberline NYLT.  It's excellent leadership training, and a lot of fun!
  • Timberline NYLT runs Monday through Saturday just outside Camp Tifie at the Perl Training Center, which is also located on the Mountain Dell Scout Ranch, just outside Tifie Scout Camp.  Timberline NYLT participants will not see their families during the entire week.
  • Families are invited to attend Timberline's closing ceremony on Saturday.
  • Register for Timberline NYLT

Family Program

  • Spouses and children of Wood Badge participants enjoy a full week of Camp Tifie's activities, conducted by Family Odyssey's volunteer staff.
  • Family members will be assigned to age groups.  Age group programs run each morning and afternoon, Monday through Friday.  Parents are responsible for their children at ALL OTHER TIMES.
  • Evening family activities will be available.  Wood Badge participants will attend only one or two of these, when their training permits.

              Sample Age Group Activities:

  • Nursery - 18 months to 3 year-olds: Toys, story time, small activities, snacks, and naptime.
  • 3-5 year-olds:  A range of fun activities, stories, games and snacks.
  • 6-7 year-olds:  A variety of games, crafts, nature lodge, swimming, and other age-appropriate activities.
  • 8 -11 year-olds: Swimming, shooting, archery, nature lodge, crafts, horses, and more.  Boys may do some Cub and Boy Scout requirements.
  • 12-13 year-olds:  C.O.P.E. course, swimming, shooting, archery, off-site excursions, horses, crafts and more.
  • 14-18 year-olds:  Camp activities like those described for the 12-13 year-olds plus leadership training.
  • Adults:  Horses, swimming, shooting, C.O.P.E. course, archery, off-site excursions, crafts, and more.


Fees for Summer 2014

Wood Badge participant $175
Timberline NYLT $155
Family Program - Adult $175
Family Program - Ages 12 – 18 yrs $170
Family Program - Ages 8 – 11 yrs  $155
Family Program - Ages 6 – 7 yrs  $145
Family Program - Ages 18 months – 5 yrs  $90
Family Odyssey Staff $80
Trailer Site $25

A nonrefundable deposit of $100 is due at the time of Family Odyssey registration.  Akela's Council and Timberline NYLT fees are due in full at registration.


If you have questions contact

Doug & Becky Barlow Rick Howard John & Linda Hanks
Family Odyssey Coordinators Wood Badge Course Director Family Program Course Directors
801-361-7721 801-836-9518 435-623-1296




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