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Scouting Ambassadors should be active in their local communities, know business and community leaders, and have a passion and the means to help Scouting move forward. As a Scouting ambassador you'll:

1. Find families interested in continuing the Scouting adventure
2. Get Educated
3. Identify Chartered-Organizations and meeting places

As a Scouting Ambassador, you are the face of Scouting. Your relationships, your connections and your ability to work with religious organizations, clubs, and community organizations make Scouting possible for thousands of youth.

Chartered Organizations

It is critical that you meet with your potential chartered organizations to inform them of the changes facing our organization, and inspire them to join us on this journey. We must remind them of the benefits of Scouting to their communities and to their organizations. Ultimately, we want to work with them to start new packs and dens, troops, crews, and ships to serve the entire family.

While there are many things to consider, perhaps the most important are the relationships we forge with our chartered organizations. We simply cannot serve youth without their sponsorship and support.




5 Easy Steps to Prepare for the Chartered Partner Meeting:

1. Set meetings with each chartered organization head in your area.

2. Prior to the meeting, prepare discussion points.

3. Be prepared with questions about their organization and their goals with youth in the community.

4. Make the call/hold the meeting.

5. Follow up immediately with a thank you note and any additional information that was discussed.

The general liability policy provides primary liability insurance coverage for all chartered organizations on file with the BSA for liability arising out of their chartering a traditional Scouting unit.


Chartered organizations do not need a certificate of insurance. The chartered organization endorsement is a part of the insurance policy contract and is enforceable under the policy contract.


Click here for additional insurance information.

Annual Chartered Agreement (pdf)

Chartered Organization Infographic (pdf)

Chartered Organization Recruitment Info (pdf)

Training the COR



What is Scouting?


Scouting Programs

Discover Scouting

Get Educated in Scouting

Family Scouting

Benefits of Camping


Costs & Fundraising

Costs of Scouting


When compared to the cost of sports and many other activities, there is no doubt that Scouting delivers great value to its members!
BSA Membership cost is




In addition, there are uniform costs and nominal activity fees that may be charged by your Cub Scout Pack or Boy Scout Troop.



These costs may be offset by unit fundraising. Below are three easy and effective fundraisers for Scouts:






Scout Saver Cards

Unit Budgets


With other parents and Scouts in your Pack or Troop you can help plan the

"Ideal Year of Scouting"

This will include creating a budget for the activities you plan to do during the year such as:


Activities and Outings

Pack or Troop Meetings

Summer/Day Camp

Awards and Recognition


Click here for additional Unit Budget resources.


Camping & the Outdoors



Organized camping is a creative, educational experience in cooperative group living in the outdoors. It uses the natural surroundings to contribute significantly to physical, mental, spiritual, and social growth.





Outdoor adventure is the promise made to young people when they join Scouting. Boys and girls yearn for outdoor programs that stir their imagination and interest. In the outdoors, they have opportunities to acquire skills that make them more self-reliant.


The Cub Scout Outdoor Program

The Boy Scout Outdoor Program


Frequently Asked Questions


How can I become a Scouting Ambassador?

Click here to be contacted about continuing the Scouting adventure. Click here to view a full description of a Scouting Ambassador's responsibilities.

What more can I do as a Scouting Ambassador?

Click here to view other potential responsibilities as a Scouting Ambassador.

How can I start a new unit (pack or troop)?

Wanting to start a new unit (pack or troop)? Use this checklist to get started today!

How can I help youth join a unit (pack or troop)?

Contact your local Scout office to join.

What is Family Scouting?

The Boy Scouts of America opened its programs to serve the entire family. While girls have been able to join in the older youth programs, it wasn't until June 2018 were girls aloud to join Cub Scouting and coming in February 2019 girls can join the Boy Scouting program as well. By welcoming the entire family into the programs, even more people will have access to the character development and values-based leadership that Scouting offers. Click here for more information about Family Scouting.

Why is the Church no longer partnering with the Boy Scouts of America?

The Church has an obligation to serve its entire youth. Because of this, the Church will be creating a new youth program that pertains to youth all over the world. Click here to view a joint statement from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Boy Scouts of America.

What does the future of Scouting look like?

Here is a FAQ about the Future of Scouting in the Utah National Parks Council, BSA.