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Assistant District Commissioners

Organization Assistant District Commissioners (ADC)

Area Name Phone Number E-mail Address
Gunnison Stake (ADC) Bruce King 435.528.5368
Crew, Team
Dale Peterson 435.528.7677
Paul Childs 435.528.3274
Greg Lyman 435.528.7859
Manti Stake      
Young Men President Scott Hintze    
Assistant District Commissioner
Eric Anderson    
Assistant District Commissioner
Garth Sorensen 435.851.6582
Salina Stake (ADC) Gary Harrison 435.201.2490
Troop, Team, Crew
Brant Hallows 435.529.2137
Richfield Stake (ADC) Chet Torgersen 435.638.7444
  Dennis Larson 435.896.4329
Richfield East Stake (ADC) Gary Beck 435.979.2380
Monroe Stake (ADC) LeRon Ware 435.896.7675
  Gary Reid 435.527.8860
Loa Stake (ADC) Jeffery Olsen 435.491.0444
  Riley Taylor 435.691.4037
Ephraim Stake (ADC) Jan Jonson 435.851.2862
Crew, Team, Troop
Chuck Jeffs 435.283.4379
Robert Prigmore 435.283.6264
Moroni Stake (ADC) Kay Nelsen 435.436.8756 jbnelson66@gmail
Mica Talbot 801.367.4116
Mark Cottam 435.262.0262
Mt. Pleasant Stake (ADC) Ronald Richmond 435.462.9414
Crew, Team, Troop
Bert Kendall 435.851.9685
Darin Johansen 435.462.2842
Mt. Pleasant North Stake (ADC) Mike Ence 435.427.3479
Crew, Team, Troop
Branch Cox 435.427.9377
Mitch Jackson 435.469.2491
Community Units (ADC) Jay Zabriskie 801.822.6061

Assistant District Commissioners for Roundtables

Position Name Phone Number E-Mail Address
Assistant District Commissioner for District Roundtables Jay Zabriskie 801.822.6061
Assistant District Commissioner for Loa Roundtable
Riley Taylor 435.425.3807
Assistant District Commissioner for Richfield Roundtable
Wayne Wetzel 435.893.0094
Assistant District Commissioner for Axtell Roundtable
Glen Christensen 801.647.2680
Assistant District Commissioner for Axtell Roundtable
Assistant District Commissioner for Ephraim Roundtable
Jay Zabriskie (Pro Tem) 801.822.6061

Assistant District Commissioner Responsibilities

• Report to the district commissioner.
• Recruit a full staff of unit commissioners to serve their assigned units and area.
• Help the district commissioner train unit commissioners and roundtable commissioners:
— Conduct personal coaching/ orientation sessions.
— Participate in the formal basic training courses.
— Help unit commissioners attain the Arrowhead Honor, Commissioner’s Key, and Distinguished Commissioner Service Award.
• Attend monthly district commissioner staff meetings, including a meeting with your unit commissioners to review unit needs.
• Serve units with no assigned unit commissioner.
• Maintain regular contact with unit commissioners under your supervision:
— To assess units’ strengths and weaknesses
— To help find solutions to units’ problem
— To provide information, informal training, program ideas, and recognition
— To help unit commissioners work successfully with unit committees, chartered organization representatives, and chartered organizations.
• Involve unit adults in training and roundtables.
• Evaluate, at least quarterly, the performance of unit commissioners and provide the help necessary to give them the confidence and expertise to serve assigned units effectively.
• Become familiar with the program themes offered by the BSA for Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, Varsity Scout teams, and Venturing crews.
• Supervise the operation of the annual service plan for assigned units.
• Accept other assignments made by the district commissioner.
• Keep track of recharter status and progress of all units.
• Support local and national Scouting policy and procedures.
• Promote the Centennial Quality Unit as a standard of performance and ensure, through the commissioners, recognition of unit leaders and units achieving the standards.

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