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  • Preventing Alitude Sickness
    Every year, hikers across the country die from acute mountain sickness (AMS), otherwise known as altitude sickness. The worst part is that this illness is completely preventable. Now, this ram is on a mission to warn hikers about the dangers of the steep climb and how to recognize the symptoms of AMS, and to "Just Go Down."
  • ***Updated Youth Protection Training Now Available***
    Updated Youth Protection Training (YPT) is now available. All registered adult volunteers must complete this training by October 1, 2018. This training is required even for those whose YPT is current.
  • Amazing New Online Training Videos for Adult Leaders!!!
    Designed for busy adult volunteer leaders, our online training videos are a "one stop shop" for many training needs. Check them out!
  • Check Out the Baden-Powell Community Service Area Facebook Page
    Stay connected and get the latest updates on the Baden-Powell Community Service Area by following us on Facebook. The mission of the Baden-Powell Community Service Area is to acknowledge and serve youth, adults and charter partners of all faiths and backgrounds as a resource and advocate for all Scouting and Exploring programs.
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