Utah Parks - CampingBuck Hollow Scout Ranch FAQs

Buck Hollow Scout Ranch FAQ's


1. What we offer.

     1a. Summer Camps:

  • Adventure Park 11-Year-Olds Camp: Adventure Park is hand-crafted to provide the needed outdoor experiences and program to help new Scouts reach their First Class Scout Rank. Camp runs from 8:30am Friday to 3:00pm Saturday. Register soon, campsites fill up fast! Advancement and Fun Activities Include: Trail to First Class, Five Mile Hike, Camp Wide Games, Campfire & Honor Programs, Stargazing, Troop Campfires, First Aid, Knots & Lashings, Leave No Trace & Nature, Orienteering, Totin' Chip & Firem/n Chit.
  • Webelos Wilderness Adventure: Webelos Wilderness Adventure is a specifically designed program to provide fun, adventure, and an amazing outdoor experience for Webelos Scouts. The camp runs from 8:30am to 3:30pm. Register soon, spots fill fast! Available Adventures Include: Archery (Level 1 Patch), BB Guns (Level 1 Patch), Build It*, Camper*, Casatway, Earth Rocks*, First Responder*, Into the Wild*, Into the Woods*, Webelos Walkabout*, Songs & Skits, Fun! Fun! Fun! (Activities marked with a '*' are Complete Adventure.)

     1b. Other Exciting Activities:

  • Stake / Ward Activities: The Boy Scouts of America, Utah National Parks Council now offers its properties, equipment, experts, and program for use by LDS stakes and wards.  As part of the 100+ year partnership between the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Boy Scouts of America, LDS Stakes and Wards may utilize these BSA resouces to accomplish their objectives and control their own outcomes.  Prices and programs are customizable to fit church interests at any of our Council properties.
  • Year-round Camping: Are you in charge of your family reunion this year? Don't worry, Buck Hollow Scout Ranch is an easy and beautiful place to host your familly reunion. Check out other ways to utilize our camps!

2. 2018 Pricing/Dates?

  • Adventure Park 11-Year-Olds Camp:
    • Pricing: Youth - $46 ($51 Out-of Council), Adult - $10, Deposit - $10 per person (non-refundable)
    • Dates: See 'What We Offer' and click on the activity that you are interested in.
  • Webelos Wilderness Adventure: 
    • Pricing: Webelos - $27, Adults - $10
    • Dates: See 'What We Offer' and click on the activity that you are interested in.

3. Preparing for camp.

     3a. Required forms for ALL those attending camp:

  • Health form for everyone attending camp (including leaders)
  • Unit Roster (click here to learn how to get this)
  • Registration receipt - in case there's an issue with registration
  • Unit Talent Release Form

4. Where can I learn more about the camp's programs?

  • Click Here for the Webelos Wilderness Adventure Program Guide, (PDF).
  • Click here for the Adventure Park Program Guide, (PDF).
  • Click here to download the Buck Hollow Scout Ranch Program Flyer, (PDF).

5. What are the camp's policies and procedures?

  • Click here to download the Council Camp Leader's Guide, (PDF).

6. Directions to camp.

  • Click here for a map to Buck Hollow Scout Ranch, (PDF).

7. How old do youth need to be to come to camp?

  • Webelos Wilderness Adventure - Any youth turning 10 September 1st are welcome and should be invited to come to camp.
  • Adventure Park - Any youth turning 11 September 1st are welcome and should be invited to come to camp.

8. How many leaders do we need to bring to camp?

  • We recommend 1 leader for every 6-8 youth.  As leaders, you may need to adjust this to accomodate the needs of your youth. You must still have two deep leadership.

9. What time is check-in?

  • Webelos Wilderness Adventure: 8:30am - 9:00am.
  • Adventure Park (11 year olds): 8:30am - 10:00am.

10. What about lunch and dinner?

  • Units are responsible for providing their own meals. Due to our primitive setting, we do not have electricity or refrigeration available. Please plan accordingly.

11. Is water available at camp?

  • Potable water is available from water buffaloes. Please help your youth be responsible with the water as we have to truck it in.

12. Do I need to bring anything else to camp?

  • Encourage your youth and leaders to be in uniform.

  • Other helpful items to have at camp are: sunscreen, bug spray, hats for everyone, water bottles, a jacket or coat to keep in your vehicle in case of inclement weather, sunglasses, a day pack to carry your items, and Webelos/Scout Handbook. There is a complete gear list in the Leader's guide for Adventure Park, (See below).

13. Will the Trading Post be open? If so, what type of things will they have there?

  • The trading post will be open at various times during your stay at camp. We stock various candies and drinks as well as pocket knives, crafts, flashlights, camp shirts, and other souvenirs.

14. Where can I get more information?

15. What do the campsites look like?

  • Images coming soon!

15. Contact Information

  • Registration questions? Please contact your District Staff member at the Scout Service Center at (801) 437-6222.
  • Program questions? Please contact the Camp Director, Sean Foran, at seanf.dfbsa@gmail.com. NOTE: Camp Director will be at camp during May 30-August 1 and will be unable to email at this time.