Camp Eagle Mountain FAQs


1. What we offer.

     1a. Day Camps:

2. 2020 Primary Day Camp Pricing and Dates

  • $25 - youth
  • $5 - adult

Pick the date that works best for your youth and leaders.  Sessions are available Monday through Friday on the following dates: 

  • June 8 - 12
  • June 15 - 19
  • June 22 - 26

3. Preparing for camp.

     3a. What do I need to bring to camp? 

  • Health form for everyone attending camp (including leaders)
  • Unit Roster 
  • Registration receipt - in case there's an issue with registration
  • Medications needed at camp

Items to Leave in the Car

  • Parental permission slips
  • Youth cell phones and other electronic devices

Items We Recommend to Bring (but not completely necessary)

  • Camera 
  • Light Jacket (there's often a light breeze or dust)
  • Water bottle
  • Lunch/dinner or money to purchase one
  • Money for General Store (optional but lots of fun)

4. At day camp, what classes will the youth be participating in?

                    7-9 Year Olds (Falcons)                    10-11 Year Olds (Hawks)
Sword Building and Battle  Sword Building and Battle 
BB Guns  Air Rifles
Archery Archery
Craft Craft
Teamwork Games  Teamwork Games

What days are available to register? To see click here:

How do I change an existing registration?

Click HERE to make changes to a previous registration

      Click here for the Camp Eagle Mountain's Program Guide, (PDF).

What if I have a youth registered to come to camp who can't come at the last minute?

  • You can make changes to your registration up to two weeks ahead of time and still get a full refund.  Once your group is within the two week window of coming to camp you will no longer be able to get a refund but have a few options:
    • Pick up the items they would have received if they were to come to camp
    • Bring a substitute person (friends, relatives, leader's son etc.)
    • Bring them back on a different date (parents can do this)

Refund Policy

Qualified refunds are made to units, not individuals, since fees are generally paid to the camp by the unit and not individuals. Participant fees are transferable up to the day of camp and are refundable when notice is given two weeks prior to the day of your scheduled camp arrival. Any and all refunds issued will be done by check from the Council Service Center in Orem, NOT from the camp.

Rain-out Days

If you have the unfortunate experience of arriving at camp and it begins raining to the point that camp needs to be canceled, please call within two weeks to reschedule. After the two-week window your camp registration fee will be forfeited.


Eagle Mountain Day Camp is specifically designed for program attendees ages 7-11. Because we want to give these youth our full attention, please do your best to not bring siblings, day care children or other youth.

5. What are the camp's policies and procedures?

  • Click here to download the Council Camp Leader's Guide, (PDF).

6. Directions to camp.

7. How old do youth need to be to come to camp?

  • Any youth turning 7 before September 1st are welcome and should be invited to come to camp.  

8. How many leaders do we need to bring to day camp?

  • We recommend 1 leader for every 6-8 youth.  As leaders, you may need to adjust this to accommodate the needs of your youth.

9. What time is check-in?

  • 8:15 am - 8:45 am. Session will start at 8:50 am

10. How can my unit sign up to do the Flag Ceremony?

  • We'd love to have your unit help with either the opening or closing flag ceremony.  When you register for camp you will be asked if you'd like to participate.  There may be several units who sign up to help.  If you want to be chosen shoot the Camp Director an email and be sure to arrive on time.   

11. What about lunch?

  • The majority of camp participants bring their own lunches.  If you choose to do this, please bring them in coolers as there is no refrigeration available.  

    You can also purchase lunches  at camp.  We offer hot dog or PB&J meals (Uncrustables).  Both come with chips, Capri Sun or milk and a small treat.  The cost is $3.50.  Meals can be purchased when you register or on the day of camp by the 2nd rotation.

12. Do I need to bring anything else to camp?

  • A light jacket is always nice to have incase of a cool wind or dust.  Each teaching area will have chairs.  If you want a more comfortable chair please bring one with you.  You may also want to bring a camera along for all the new experiences your youth will be having.

13. Will the General Store be open? If so, what type of things will they have there?

  • The General Store will be open after the opening ceremony.  It will remain open till all camp participants and leaders are gone at the end of the session.  The store will have all kinds of camp souvenirs such as t-shirts, hats, toys and pocketknives. Snacks, drinks, candy and ice cream are also available.  In an effort to keep lines low, during the camp sessions each group will have an opportunity to visit the store. Visiting the store is completely optional.  Activities will be taking place so campers can go and come back or not go at all.  Store items range from 50 cents to $10.00.  

    With regards to pocketknives  - They are one of our most popular items in the store. Please check with your youth's parents to make sure they have permission to purchase a knife.  When a pocketknife is purchased, it will be given to the leader who will need to hold on to it till they are away from camp (ideally till you drop the youth off at home).

14. Where can I get more information?


15. Contact Information

  • Registration and program questions? Please contact the Scout Service Center at (801) 437-6222.
  • Camp Director: Ann Shumway [801-437-6218] NOTE: Ann can answer program questions but not help with most registration issues.  She will be at camp during May 30-August 1 and may be a little slow to email at this time.