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Utah Parks - AdvancementCentennial Award

Centennial Award

The Utah National Parks Council Centennial celebration is not intended to be a separate program of activities over and above that which is already being done in the various units throughout the council. In that spirit a new award called the Utah National Parks Council Centennial Award can be earned by both Scouting youth and adults who faithfully participate in their regularly scheduled Scouting program.   

Please note that the Centennial award is only a small part of the Centennial Celebration. The Centennial Celebration is more about achieving the desired outcomes of building leaders, defining character, strengthening our nation and celebrating the achievements of all.

The Utah National Parks Council Centennial Award includes a patch and a series of six pins. Any youth or adult can earn the series of pins. The patch and pins are available at any of the Scout Service Centers throughout the council. Five of the pins are yearly pins which can be earned during the specified year. The sixth pin, - the MacLaren taran – or Mentoring pin – can be earned by attending or staffing an advanced training course anytime during the five year centennial celebration.

A brochure has been created which outlines each of the required and elective steps to earn the Centennial Award. Please note that the required and elective steps are built upon the five areas of focus. This brochure  may be downloaded by clicking below, or purchased at any of the Scout Service Centers throughout the council.

Download Brochure

Many of you will have wonderful suggestions and successes in performing activities that help earn this award. We encourage you to share these with other units and with the council.

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