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Tu-Cubin-Noonie Lodge

Cheerful Service to the Utah National Parks Council

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Uintah Chapter Leadership
Position Name Phone Email Description
Chapter Chief Uel John 435.790.4096   Chief, Youth leader of the Chapter.
Vice Chief Johnathan Larson 435.219.9809 kf7jrk@gmail.com  
Service Vice Chief Chris Larson 435.219.8177 kf7jre@gmail.com Youth Leader. Organizes service Projects fills in for Chief and assists him in his duties.
Ceremonies Vice Chief John Snow 435.828.7669   Youth Leader. Schedules and Organizes Ceremonies, Arrow of Light, Eagle Court of Honor, etc.
Secretary Chad John 435.790.4096   Youth Leader. Manages and maintains the book work involved in the program.
Chapter Adviser Daniel John 435.219.5816 uintahoa@gmail.com Adult Advisor (To keep the boys in line)
Assistant Advisor Sarah John 435.790.4069 dsjohn96@gmail.com Adult Advisor (Just in case it gets really bad)
District Executive Scott Major 435.643.0664 scott.major@scouting.org Awesome Professional Scouter

Other Lodge Leaders


Uintah Chapter Holds meetings on the Third Thursday of each month.

We meet at the chapel at 200 West 250 North VERNALUtah, (Behind the Hospital)

We encourage anyone and everyone to come and participate in our meeting.

We love to see those Class A uniforms!




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