Step 1&2 - Preparation

New to rechartering? Don't worry, follow the steps to successfully complete your internet charter renewal! Understanding the process before starting will save you time.

Step 1 - Adult Leader Registration Policy
Step 2 - Youth Protection Training


Step 3 - Get Trained in Rechartering

Get trained in internet charter renewal with the materials provided such as a step by step tutorial or how-to's. 

2017 Charter Renewal Instructions (PDF) 2017 Recharter Training Presentation (PPTX)
Online Recharter System Walk Through (PDF)
Internet Recharter Renewal Tutorial
District-Stake Recharter Turn-In Meeting (PDF)
Professional Scouter Contact Information


Step 4 - Recharter Now

Now that training is completed, begin the Charter Renewal. Remember, you must complete this step for each unit your organization sponsors. You must submit a charter for your pack, troop, team, and crew. As you begin each charter, select 'First Time User' and create your password.

Recharter Now


Resources have been provided for anyone who wants to learn more about how Internet Rechartering works.

Recharter Packet Contents
Internet Recharter Renewal Help System
MLS Lists for LDS Youth
10 Most Common Mistakes in Renewing Your Unit Charter
What I WISH Rechartering Was Like












Every Scouting unit must re-charter with the Boy Scouts of America annually. In our council, this charter renewal will open October 1st.

All recharter renewal packets and additional paperwork, such as Journey to Excellence forms, must be submitted by November 15th to your District Executive. 

Charters go into effect January 1, 2017.

*Browsers supported: Google Chrome, Firefox, and later versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Thank you in advance for your efforts from the volunteer leadership and staff of the Utah National Parks Council.

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