Utah National Parks CouncilCouncil Rental Catalog

Council Rental Catalog

View items that you can rent from the Utah National Parks Council!

Want to rent one of these items or kits? Contact our Rental Manager, Ali Mohammad, at 801-437-4473 or ali.mohammad@scouting.org. 






Inflatable Eagle

Price: $5.00 per day

Description: 3' H x 3.5' L x 1` W

- Bring out the Scouting colors... red, white, and blue

- The inflatable eagle makes a great presence



Council Flag

Price: $5.00


Utah Flag

Price: $5.00

Eagle Light Box

Price: $5.00 per day

Description: 4' H x 2.5' L x 4' W

- Eagle Light Box comes with a lighting ceremony

- Lights switch on for colors on front panel

- Makes big statement at head of room

U.S. Flag

Price: $5.00



Cub Scout Cross Over Bridge

Price: $10.00

Description: 4.9' H x 5' L x 2.2' W

- Fits through most entrance doors

- Helps Webelos crossover to Scoutmasters

- Visual aid in promoting Cub Scouts to the Troop

GPS Units

Price: $2.00 per unit (1 day or weekend rental)

Description: Each unit comes with quick start manual.

Snow Shoes

Price: $5.00 per set per day

Description: Adult and youth one size fits all

- Take your Cubs or Scouts snow shoeing

- A new adventure and experience

- Promote positive TEAM work during the winter


Eagle Court of Honor Kit

Kit Includes: 8' Eagle Bunting, 8' 100 Yr Anniversay Bunting, 11"x14" Cardboard Scout Rank Posters, 7 8'x4' Historical Flag Set, 8'x10' Laminated Eagles in Flight Collage, 11"x14" Laminated Norman Rockwell Pictures, and Mini Flag Display of 6 Disks and 30 Flags

Price: $15.00 per day (One week notice required)


Cub Scout Kit

Kit Includes: Cub Scout Bunting, Cub Scout Rank Posters, Mini Flag Display, Patriotic Banners

Price: $10.00 per day



Pinewood Derby Kit

Kit Includes: 3 Derby car stands for 1st/2nd/3rd place, welcome poster, race bracket poster with markers, checker flag pennant 25' long

Price: $10.00 per day