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Utah Parks - CampingCub CampsCamp Jeremiah JohnsonCamp Jeremiah Johnson Leader Information

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Camp Jeremiah Johnson Leader Information

Download the Program Guide

Download the COUNCIL Camps Leaders' Guide

Click here for directions to Camp Jeremiah Johnson

Key information that will help you as you prepare for camp:

  • Morning session check-in time is between 7:15 am and 7:45 am
  • Afternoon session check-in time is 2:30 pm.
  • The 400 S. (Walmart) Exit in Springville is the most direct route to camp. Please allow 15 mins. driving time from the freeway to camp.   

Required forms that are needed upon arrival at camp:

Boys -

  • Health Form (A and B is all that is needed. You DON"T need a doctor's signature) for each youth and adult attending camp
  • Printed copy of Internet Advancement roster (you can get this from whomever records your awards) - please highlight the boys that will actually come to camp with you.  If a boy doesn't appear on the roster, this means he is likely not registered.  This will need to be done before coming to camp.
  • Registration receipt in the event there's a problem. 




Please note:  

  • Remember to bring lunch for everyone in coolers (there is no refrigeration is available at camp)
  • Lunch items are available for purchase online when you register and at camp - see the Leader's Guide
  • Any youth turning 8 by September 1, 2015 are welcome to come to camp.  You can register youth with summer birthdays beginning June 1, 2015.  
  • There is a Trading Post where camp souveniers may be purchased.  The trading post will be open after opening ceremonies, at lunch and at the close of camp.  During one of the camp sessions each group will have an opportunity to visit the Trading Post by themselves (when there isn't a crowd).  Available items range from 50 cents to $10.00.  
  • Camp shirts will be available at the Trading Post ($8.00). 
  • Pocketknives are one of our most popular items in the Trading Post. Please check with your youth's parents to make sure your youth have their permission to purchase a knife.  When a pocketknife is purchased, it will be given to the leader who will need to hold on to it till they are away from camp (ideally till you drop the youth off at home).




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