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Camp Jeremiah Johnson Food, Fees, & Services

The following fees apply for registration to the 2015 Jeremiah Johnson experience. 

Cub Scout- Youth $20.00

Cub Scout Leader-Supervising

Cub Scout Leader-Participating $20.00
Webelos Overnighter Youth-Not available  
Webelos Overnighter Leader-Not available  
Girls Camp Youth $19.00
Girls' Camp Leader-Supervising $6.00
Girls' Camp Leader-Participating $19.00
Cub Scout Shootout - Youth-Not available  
Cub Scout Shoot-Out Supervising Leader-Not available  
Optional Lunch - Hamburger, Chips, Drink $4.00
Optional Lunch - Hot Dog, Chips, Drink $3.00

Making Payments:
Full payment is due at the time of registration. You may remove adults or youth up till 2 weeks before your camp begins. Youth and adults can be added at camp if the number is reasonable.  (2 or 3 would be considered reasonable.  It's very difficult to add an extra 10 people to a den at the last minute.

Cancellation Policy:
The Utah National Parks Council must commit financial resources to employ staff, purchase supplies, and to prepare for camping operations. Participants, therefore, are required to make a financial commitment to attend.

Refunds of fees paid for individuals or units requested at least two weeks before camp will be fully granted.  No refunds are given if a registration is canceled or the number of attendees is reduced within two weeks of your scheduled arrival date at camp. No refunds will be given for "no-shows" at camp.



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