Utah Parks - CampingCamp Jeremiah Johnson FAQ's

Camp Jeremiah Johnson FAQ's


1. What we offer.

     1a. Day Camps:

  • Cub Scout Day Camp Sessions: Come and enjoy day camp filled with excitement, fun, and new activities.
  • Girls Day Camp Sessions: Exciting experiences await girls ages 8-11 who visit Camp Jeremiah Johnson.
  • Webelos Overnighter: Being a Webelos means that it's finaly time to go camping! Camp JJ offers a great overnight experience fow these first timers.

     1b. Other Exciting Activities:

  • Shooting Sports Shoot-Out: Join us on Monday afternoons for a chance to earn the Shooting Sports patch!
  • A Bear Goes Fishing: We'll be covering all the basics of learning how to fish as well as the rules and what kinds of fish we can find in our area.
  • Partner and Pal Campout: This campout is designed for you and your kids (or grandkids) to have fun! You can stay as busy or un-busy as you like.
  • Merit Badge Adventures: Come hang at camp for an overnight Merit Badge Adventure and earn an new Merit Badge!
  • Eeeeerie Encounters: Eeeeerie Encounters is a family-oriented Halloween acitivity geared to ages 11 and younger. We have designed activities that will be a little spooky but not give you nightmares.
  • Weekend Camp Reservations: Coming soon!

2. 2018 Pricing/Dates?

  • See 'What We Offer' and click on the activity that you are interested in for pricing and dates.

3. Preparing for camp.

     3a. Required forms for Cub Scout Leaders:


     3b. Required forms for Girl's Leaders.

  • Health Form
    • LDS Unit Health & Permission Form - BOTH Girls and Leaders (download here)
    • Non - LDS Health form for youth and leaders (download here)
  • Unit Roster
  • Unit Talent Release Form (download here)
  • Registration receipt - in case there's an issue with registration

4. Where can I learn more about the camp's programs?

  • Click here for the Camp Jeremiah Johnson's Program Guide, (PDF).

5. What are the camp's policies and procedures?

  • Click here to download the Council Camp Leader's Guide, (PDF).

6. Directions to camp.

  • Exit #244 (400 S. - Walmart exit in Springville) is the most direct route to camp.  It takes approximately 20 minutes to drive from the freeway to camp.
  • Click here for directions to Camp Jeremiah Johnson.

7. How old do youth need to be to come to camp?

  • Any youth turning 8 before September 1st are welcome and should be invited to come to camp.  Of course, Tiger Cubs are are the exception to this policy and are always welcome. 

8. How many leaders do we need to bring to camp?

  • We recommend 1 leader for every 6-8 youth.  As leaders, you may need to adjust this to accomodate the needs of your youth.

9. What time is check-in?

  • Morning session: 7:15am - 7:45am. Session will start at 7:45am.
  • Afternoon session: 2:30pm - 3:00pm. Session will start at 3:00pm.

10. How can my unit sign up to do the Flag Ceremony?

  • We'd love to have your unit help with either the opening or closing flag ceremony.  When you register for camp you will be asked if you'd like to participate.  There may be several units who sign up to help.  If you want to be chosen shoot the Camp Director an email and be sure to arrive on time.   

11. What about lunch and dinner?

  • The majority of camp participants bring their own lunches.  If you choose to do this, please bring them in coolers as there is no refridgeration available.  When you come to check in you're welcome to bring your cooler with you and put it in the main pavillion to reserve a table.  Some leaders like to throw in a table cloth (we wash tables twice a day).

    You can also purchase lunches/dinners at camp.  We offer hot dog or PB&J meals (Uncrustables).  Both come with chips, Capri Sun or milk and a small treat.  The cost is $3.00.  Meals can be purchased when you register or on the day of camp by the 2nd rotation.

12. Do I need to bring anything else to camp?

  • If you are attending a morning session, please be sure and bring a jacket.  It's very cold till about 9:00 when the sun finally gets over the mountain. Each teaching area will have chairs.  If you want a more comfortable chair please bring one with you.  You may also want to bring a camera along for all the new experiences your youth will be having.

13. Will the General Store be open? If so, what type of things will they have there?

  • The General Store will be open after the opening ceremony of each session.  It will remain open till all camp participants and leaders are gone.  The store will have all kinds of camp souveniers such as t-shirts, hats, toys and pocketknives. Snacks, drinks, candy and ice cream are also available.  In an effort to keep lines low, during the camp sessions each group will have an opportunity to visit the store. Visiting the store is completely optional.  Activities will be taking place so campers can go and come back or not go at all.  Store items range from 50 cents to $10.00.  

    With regards to pocketknives  - They are one of our most popular items in the store. Please check with your youth's parents to make sure they have permission to purchase a knife.  When a pocketknife is purchased, it will be given to the leader who will need to hold on to it till they are away from camp (ideally till you drop the youth off at home).

14. Where can I get more information?

15. What do the campsites look like?

  • Images coming soon!

16. Contact Information

  • Registration and program questions? Please contact your District Staff member at the Scout Service Center at (801) 437-6222.
  • Camp Director: Ann Shumway [801-437-6218] NOTE: Camp Director will be at camp during May 30-August 1 and will be unable to email at this time.