San Juan DistrictDistrict Contacts

District Key 3

         District Chairman - Brent Johansen - 435-678-2810  email:

         District Commissioner  -  Daniel Anderson  -  435-587-2689  email:

         District Executive  -  John R. Behn  -  435-650-5359  email:


District Committee

         Training Chairman: Tom Palmer  -  435-678-2108  email:

         Advancement and Recognition Chairman:     Unassigned      

         Activities and Civic Service Chairman:   Unassigned

         Camp Promotion and Outdoor Activities Chairman:  Lyon Hazleton - 435-587-2798

               Camp Promotion and Outdoor Activities Co-Chairman: Mark Christiansen - 435-678-3340


               Camping Promotion and Outdoor Activities Co-Chairman:  Ben Crane - 435-587-2844


         Finance Chairman:    Unassigned

         Membership Chairman:   Unassigned

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