District Leadership and Contacts

 District Key 3

 Chairman Mark Dennis 435-823-6811 markrdennis55@gmail.com
 Commissioner Guy Collett    
 Executive Scott Major 435-630-4417 scott.major@scouting.org

District Support Staff

 Newsletter & Webmaster    

District Committee Chairs

Fund Development    
Public Relations & Marketing Kevin Ashby  
Program Jeff Cranney 435-725-0624
Activities and Civic Service - Vernal Scott Sowards 435-789-4000
Activities and Civic Service - Roosevelt Keith Eddington 435-725-0207
Advancement and Recognition - Vernal Sherilee Woodward  435-790-4013
Advancement and Recognition - Roosevelt    
Camp and Outdoor Promotion - Vernal Brian Kellogg 435-789-3989
Camp and Outdoor Promotion - Roosevelt Lavor Bristol 435-454-3967
Training - Vernal Grant Schiess 435-621-3939
Training - Roosevelt Kim Hicken 435-722-3430
Order of the Arrow Advisor - Vernal Daniel John 435-789-3370
Order of the Arrow Advisor - Roosevelt Bryan Perkins 435-646-3563

Roundtable Commissioners-Vernal Area

Roundtable Head Commissioner    
Cub Scouts Commissioner VaLinn Allred 435-789-2193
11 Year Old Scouts Commissioner Sherilee Woodward 435-790-4013
Boy Scouts Commissioner Eric Christiansen 435-781-0646
Varsity Scouts Commissioner Dirk Checketts 435-789-8003
Venturing Commissioner Ben Semadeni 435-781-2068
Committees Commissioner    

Roundtable Commissioners-Roosevelt Area

Roundtable Head Commissioner Jeff Duncan 435-722-2781
Cub Scouts Commissioner Mary Perkins 435-722-3853
11 Year Old Scouts Commissioner Suzette Thomas 435-725-2377
Boy Scouts Commissioner Andrew Adamson 435-622-6371
Varsity Scouts Commissioner David Richens 435-646-3400
Venturing Commissioner Dan Robinson 435-725-6622
Committees Commissioner James Costello 435-725-1090

Eagle Scout Mentors

Ashley Stake Rep. Julie Harrison 435-789-6840
Glines Stake Rep. Clark Barker 435-789-5167
Maeser Stake Rep. Hal Marshall 435-789-6820
Uintah Stake Rep. Susan & Dirk Checketts 435-789-8003
Vernal Stake Rep. Mel Ray 435-790-7746
Altamont Stake Rep. Craig Stansfield 435-454-3268
Duchesne Stake Rep. Jared Torgerson 435-738-8674
Roosevelt Stake Rep. Christi Brighton 435-722-3061
Roosevelt East Stake Rep. Christy Schoenfeld 435-247-2588
Roosevelt West Stake Rep. Mark Meacham 435-722-3104