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Utah Parks - CampingLarge Group Camping

Council-wide Opportunities

Camping opportunities are available at all our properties but primarily at the properties listed to the right:

Basic Fees

The basic fee is $6.00 per person per day which covers the utilities such as water, power, toilets etc. A stake camping at Buck Hollow or Bacon Park with no other services would pay this fee. Some camps will require additional fees for further program.

Program Options

Inasmuch as the needs of each Stake are individual and unique, plans and costs are developed in conjunction with the Camp Director. He can help you schedule the program you would like. Here are some examples:

  • Basic Plus Program Staff - This would include Camp Staff services as desired by the Stake. Some programs available at our camps require supervision by a BSA Nationally Accredited individual. A member of the Stake could complete this weeklong training. This camp could be set up as a Stake YM or YW camp.
  • Basic plus Equipment - Includes rental of mountain bikes, canoes etc. Available at any camp that has room and sufficient equipment.
  • "9 – 5 5 – 9" - Available at any camp and is simply the regular camp programs are used from 9:00AM to 5:00 PM and the rest of the evening (and mornings) are yours to schedule as you see fit. Stake may reserve camp amphitheaters, pavilions or chapels for firesides or other services as desired.
  • NYLT (National Youth Leader Training or
    Timberline) or Stake Odyssey Camps
    - The Council NYLT team will train a select number of your Venturing age youth and adult Scouters in the stake to operate as staff on this course. Your Stake supplied and trained staff then operates this standard course, but could enhance it with morning and evening Stake programs. You could also have a Duty to God theme to the course. The NYLT course is also available as a youth conference for young men and young women ages 14-20.

Additional Opportunities

In addition to the possibilities available during the summer, there is also program equipment available to rent during the off season such as the mountain bikes, canoes, etc. Also our camp properties are often available through out the offseason for overnight camps, winter activities or evening retreats.

Arrangements to use any of these options or if you have other ideas to consider, please contact: Bob Gowans 435-256-5153 or

Specific Program Options

Unimproved Property Locations



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