Utah National Parks CouncilEagle Board of Review

Preparing for Eagle Board of Review


Step 1 - Complete All Eagle Rank Requirements & Application

  • This includes completion of the eagle project and submitting it to the Utah National Parks Council

  • Obtain signatures from the applicant, unit leader, and unit committee


Step 2 - Letters of Recommendation

  • Personally contact each of your references before you list them on your Eagle Application.  Make sure they are willing to write a letter for you.  Be sure to include your parents/guardians, religious leader, educator (principal, counselor, or teacher), your employer (if employed), and two other people who know you personally.

  • You need a total of 6 recommendations. 


Step 3 - Board of Review

  • Personal meaning of the Scout Oath & Law
  • Outdoor experiences
  • Leadership experience
  • Future plans


Step 4 - Eagle Recognition