Utah National Parks CouncilEagle Project Approval

Eagle Project Approval Process


Step 1 - Choose a Project that has personal significance

Project Guidelines include

  • While a Life Scout, a Scout must plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project to any religious institution, school, or community.
  • As a demonstration of leadership, the Scout must plan the work, organize the personnel needed, and direct the project to its completion.
  • The Eagle service project is an individual matter; therefore, two Eagle candidates may not receive credit for the same project.
  • Eagle Scout leadership service projects involving council property or other BSA activities are not acceptable for an Eagle service project. The service project also may not be performed for a business, be of a commercial nature, or be a fund-raiser.
  • Routine labor, or a job or service normally rendered, should not be considered. An Eagle service project should be of significant magnitude to be special and should represent the candidate's best possible effort.

Step 2 - Contact a District Eagle Adviser

  • Get help writing the proposal and ideas for resources

Step 3 - Download the Eagle Workbook

  • Have your adviser look it over before printing

Step 4 - Obtain Signatures

  • Unit Leader (Scoutmaster or Asst. Scoutmaster)
  • Unit Committee
  • Benefiting Organization

Step 5 - Approval

  • Obtain approval signature from district committee

Step 6 - Start Your Project

  • Wait for all signatures and district approval before beginning the project
  • Once completed, report back to the district committee