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Moab Base Camp FAQ's

Welcome to Moab Base Camp!

Founded in 1998, Moab Base Camp is owned and operated by the Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America.

Located in Crips Hole near Gemini Bridges, Moab Base Camp is a high-adventure base gem surrounded by extraordinary red rock geological formations, awesome desert southwest vistas and world-famous destinations: Moab (an off-road outdoor mecca), the Colorado and Green Rivers and three sweet state and national parks: Dead Horse Point, Arches and Canyonlands.

The emphasis at Moab Base Camp is programmatic activities for male and female youth. Moab Base Camp follows BSA National High-Adventure age guidelines which state: A youth must be at least 14 years of age or 13 years of age and completed the 8th grade by date of participation. Moab Base Camp does not offer merit badge programs.

The Base Camp's program involves strenuous activities and conditions such as extreme weather, exposure and fatigue. Temperatures are likely to reach over 100? Fahrenheit during the day and may drop substantially at night. Hydration is a concern so bring hydration packs or water bottles. Do not bring soda-it is a high contributor to heat exhaustion.

Moab Base Camp follows the Scout Oath and Scout Law. Be respectful to staff and other participants and is a Leave No Trace (LNT)/Tread Lightly facility. Keeping the environment clean in its natural state is expected. Stay on established paths/roads.

Visitors are welcome. If prior arrangements are not made, they must provide their own food. Moab Base Camp orders food based on attendance figures one week in advance of arrival.

Activities outside of summer camp:

  • Stake / Ward Activities: The Boy Scouts of America, Utah National Parks Council offers its properties, equipment, experts and program for use by Church stakes and wards. As part of the 100+ year partnership between The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Boy Scouts of America, LDS Stakes and Wards may utilize these BSA resources to accomplish their objectives and control their own outcomes. Prices and programs are customizable to fit church interests at any of our Council properties.
  • Year-round Camping: Are you in charge of your family reunion this year? Don't worry, Moab base Camp is an easy and beautiful place to host your family reunion. Check out other ways to utilize our camp!

Please take time to review the camp website www.utahscouts.org/moab and Facebook page @moabbasecamp.

Registration questions? Please contact the Scout Office at (801) 437-6222.

Questions about the programs we offer at camp? Please contact the Camp Director, Ryan Bertram at ryan.bertram@scouting.org (preferred) or 614-403-7297.

Click here for Moab Base Camp's 2019 Program Guide

Additional Information

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Safety and Security Medical Forms and Standards
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Restrooms Code of Conduct

Arrival & Departure

Groups should plan to arrive the day before their first scheduled program activity (if you are scheduled to Mountain Bike Tuesday, you would arrive Monday). Arrival time is between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Departure is the day after your last scheduled program activity (by 10 a.m.) or the afternoon of your last scheduled program activity (if you are Mountain Biking Thursday, you can depart that afternoon or Friday morning). If travel plans prevent your group from arriving in the scheduled timeframe, please let us know.


Moab Base Camp is a low-volume, high-cost operation. MBC is not a money-maker…The facility operates solely as a provider of high-adventure services to our customers. After Summit County/Park City, Moab is the most expensive community in Utah. Staff do not go home on weekends…They are housed, fed and compensated based on being on-site for seven continuous weeks. MBC’s inventory of mountain bikes and climbing equipment are worth tens of thousands of dollars. Due to the camp’s remote location, service calls are expensive (port-a-johns, dumpster, electrician, etc.).

A down payment of 25% of the total registration fee is required at time of sign-up.

Program Fees

Includes camping fee and program activity.Groups choose program activity and date when they register online (based on availability).One program activity per group, per day (except Canyoneering Night Experience. See "Program" section for details. Price listed is per person.

*Adults and Youth pay the same fee. Non-participating adults may opt out of program fees and pay the $7/person additional night camping fee. 

Camping Nights

  • Groups participating in program activities: $7 per person per night
    • There is no additional camping fee for groups arriving the afternoon before their first scheduled program activity or departing the morning after their last scheduled program activity. A group arriving Monday afternoon, participating in programs Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and departing Friday morning would not owe for additional nights camping. A group arriving Monday afternoon, participating in programs Tuesday and Thursday (Wednesday the group is doing their own activity away from Base Camp) and departing Friday morning would owe for one additional night camping (Wednesday).
  • Groups NOT participating in program activities: $10 per person per night


$7 per person per meal.

Cancellation Policy

Any down payment collected at the time of registration for any event is non-refundable. Refunds of fees requested at least two weeks prior to an event will be fully granted (less any down payment). No refunds are given if a registration is canceled or the number of attendees is reduced within two weeks of your scheduled event.

Camp Schedule

Moab Base Camp's daily schedule:

  • 5:30 a.m. wake up
  • 5:50 a.m. flag ceremony
  • 6:00 a.m. breakfast (River Rafters go first, meals end after the last person has been through)
  • 7:00 a.m. program areas open (be there with your hydration pack ready to go)
  • 12:00 p.m. on-site program areas close/lunch (meals end after the last person has been through)
  • 1:00 p.m. group time away from MBC
  • 6:00 p.m. dinner (meals end after the last person has been through)
  • 7:00 p.m. open program begins (shootings sports, climbing/rappelling, mountain biking) (not all program area may be open)
  • 8:15 p.m. shooting sports closes
  • 8:30 p.m. all program areas close
  • 10:00 p.m. lights out


The dining area is in base camp. All participants are required to clean up after themselves. LNT policies are followed. Meal times: Breakfast 6am; Lunch 12pm; Dinner 6pm.

During the registration process, groups are asked if they want to participate in the camp meal plan. Meals may be chosen individually (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and by day. The meal plan is all-inclusive. Additional meals may be purchased on-site. Cost: $7.00 per meal, per person.

Sample Menu:

Breakfast – cereal and hotline each day. Hot items include: eggs, waffles, bacon, sausage, pancakes, etc.

Lunch – sandwiches

Dinner – fajitas, burgers, chicken fried steak, tacos, potatoes, chicken patties, etc.

Fruit is available each meal. MBC eats well…We plan on 1.5 portions per person.

Note: Lunch is provided-as part of the program activity fee-to those participating in River Rafting, Canyoneering-Day and “Over the Bars” Mountain Biking. Those participating in these activities SHOULD NOT purchase lunch the day of the activity. Canyoneering-Night participants SHOULD NOT purchase breakfast the morning after their overnight.


Moab Base Camp is high-adventure. Program activities may require extreme exertion and stamina. Be smart! Use good judgement on program selection and participation.

Groups choose program activity and date when they register online (based on availability). One program activity per group, per day (the exception is Canyoneering-Night see below). Fees listed include camping and all program activities. All costs are per participant, per day or night program activity. There may be times when program activities need to be suspended due to inclement weather (lightening, sand storms, etc.). Any disciplinary issues can result in a program area being altered or shut down immediately for the safety of participants and staff. Current fee structure: www.utahscouts.org/moab

Mountain Biking (MTB):

Experience extraordinary rides on the world-renown Magnificent 7 (Mag 7) mountain bike trail system and surrounding areas! Guided by staff, you will be tested to the limit navigating around rocks and ledges while enjoying breathtaking vistas of canyons, buttes and mesas.

Skills development and instruction have been integrated into the MTB program. Using EDGE (Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, Enable), staff will coach participants on basic MTB skills (vision, body position, turning, braking) prior to hitting the trails. Participants will have the opportunity to test what they learned on MBC’s MTB skill’s trail.

There are two mountain biking options available: Gemini Loop & Over the Bars.

Gemini LoopFor average riders

Departing MBC, participants will ride up Four Arch Canyon Road and pick-up Bull Run at the top of the mesa. They’ll ride downhill in an easterly direction on Bull Run to its intersection with Gemini Bridges Road. From there, participants have a short ride to Gemini Bridges and awesome views of the La Sal Mountains. At Arth’s Corner, participants will pick-up Getaway and head slightly uphill in a westerly direction to the trail’s intersection with Gemini Bridges Road. Participants will complete the loop by heading downhill back to MBC via Bull Run. Cost: $65.

Over the BarsFor EXPERIENCED riders only

For experienced riders looking for a next level mountain biking adventure, Over the Bars is for you! Departing MBC, participants will choose their own Mag 7 trail system route. Hit Great Escape, Little Canyon or Arth’s Corner. Hit the big drop sections of Bull Run or the short, quick sections of the Horse Thief trail system. The choice and experience is yours! Participants will return to MBC early afternoon. Lunch is provided. Limited to 12 participants. Participants must bring a minimum of three liters of water. An upgraded mountain bike rental is included. Cost: $80.

Equipment: bikes and helmets are provided. For those on the Gemini Loop ride, MBC’s fleet includes hardtail Trek Excalibur and Marlin 7 models and new (for 2017) Lone Peak models provided through our partner Fezzari Bicycles. An upgraded full-suspension bike rental is provided to Over the Bars participants. All bikes are five years old and newer.

A support vehicle (Gemini Loop ride) with first aid kit, spare bike parts and water is available each day.

For Over the Bars: MBC reserves the right to modify the program-including cancellation-due to staffing and logistical requirements and lack of participation.

-Please note, participants are responsible for all repairs to bikes damaged due to negligence or failure to follow staff direction-

Climbing & Rappelling:

Real red rocks walls and canyon faces greet you right in camp! Learn basic skills on our 45’ climbing and rappelling natural rock wall and experience the thrill of our zip-line. Curious who is the best climber? See whose fastest up the wall to ring the bell (staff are happy to time and encourage you!). From there, participants will move to our 120’ canyon rappel. Go big or go home. Remember, don’t look down! All equipment is provided. Cost: $65.

-Absolutely no gorilla suits (it's happened), toupees, costumes or other outrageous clothing is allowed-


Participants explore remote, awe-inspiring backcountry, only miles away from Base Camp. Bouldering, hiking, rappelling and scrambling are the order of the day-or night. With a backdrop of red rock cliffs and blue skies and no civilization to be seen, it gives one the impression of being on an entirely different planet. Those that embark on this adventure will marvel at their accomplishments and experience a new-found trust and confidence in themselves and others. All equipment is provided.

Day Experience

Canyoneering is offered three times per day: 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. Offered Wednesday & Thursday only. Maximum: 12 per group (36 per day). Participants will complete three-four rappels (up to 160'), bouldering, scrambling and hiking. Learn and discuss rope skills / techniques, knots, safety systems and risk management protocol. Groups depart MBC and drive to Bull Canyon, Grandstaff Canyon or Fins & Things Canyon to meet our climbing team (12 Fingers Outdoor Adventures). Previous rappelling experience is highly recommended but not required. Sack lunches are provided as part of the program fee. Note: units are responsible for transportation to each canyon. MBC DOES NOT provide shuttle service. Cost: $80.

Night Experience

New for 2019! The ultimate send. Scared of heights during daylight? Imagine heights at night. Offered Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday nights. Maximum: 12 participants per night. After dinner join 12 Finger Outdoor Adventure guides for an introductory class on big wall climbing. Learn and discuss rope skills / techniques, knots, safety systems and risk management protocol. Under guide supervision, use these techniques making your way into and on a portaledge (sleeping structure) where you will spend the night (participants will be harnessed in for safety the entire time). In the morning enjoy breakfast on the wall while watching the morning lights. Return to camp in time for your next adventure or program activity. 

Groups depart from MBC with our guide team. Previous climbing and rappelling experience is highly recommended but not required. Sack breakfasts are provided as part of the program fee. Cost: $80.

The Night Experience allows groups to add another program activity without extending their stay. For example, a group can arrive Monday evening, Raft Tuesday, Canyoneering-Night Tuesday night, Mountain Bike Wednesday and depart Thursday morning.

Groups and participants may do both the Day and Night Experiences (two separate programs for $160).

A liability release is required for participants. Do NOT come to MBC without a signed release…Participants will NOT be allowed to canyoneer without one. No refunds. Liability release is located in the Leader Guide.

River Rafting:

Experience southern Utah on the famous Colorado River! One-thousand-foot Navajo Sandstone cliffs are your sentinels as you navigate your way down from Old West Hollywood backdrops toward the historic and action-packed town of Moab. The Fisher Towers Daily Expedition features Class II & III rapids and plenty of opportunity to get cool and wet.

MBC contracts with World Wide River Expeditions to provide a first class, on-water experience. The river trip is a full day activity with lunch provided. Groups depart by 6:45 a.m. and drive to World Wide in Moab (a map & directions will be provided). Note: units are responsible for transportation to World Wide. MBC DOES NOT provide shuttle service. Cost: $75.

A liability release is required for participants. Do NOT come to MBC without a signed release…Participants will NOT be allowed to raft without one. No refunds. Click here to download the liability release for river rafting.

Open Program

As part of the daily program activity fee*, open program is offered each night after dinner from 7pm-830pm.

Staffed program areas include:

  • Climbing & Rappelling
  • Mountain Biking
  • Shooting Sports *($5.00 per person “all” you can shoot and throw)
    • .22LR & 12-gauge shotgun
    • Archery
    • Axe & Knife Throwing

- Per BSA policies, no personal firearms or ammunition are permitted at MBC -

Afternoon Time Away from MBC

With MBC running programs in the AM prior to the heat of the day, groups have the afternoons open to schedule their own activities away from MBC. This scheduling flexibility is done, in part, to allow groups the opportunity to fully experience and appreciate the awesomeness of the Moab region. Go visit Dead Horse Point State Park & Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Go drive the La Sal Loop Road and walk the streets of Moab. Or find a secluded spot for personal or group reflection and conversation. The choice is yours…Take advantage of this opportunity!

Unit Activities

Discover Moab (List of many attractions and activities (i.e. Corona Arch)

Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center (community pool)

Mill Creek / Powerhouse Dam (swimming hole)

Fisher Towers (hike)

Moab Dinosaur Park & Museum: Just down the road from MBC, Moab Giants is a dinosaur park, museum, and multi-media extravaganza that will make you feel like you have walked right into the Jurassic Park movie set.

Dan Mick’s Jeep Tours: What is an adventure in Moab without going off-roading with the King of off-roading/jeep outfitters! This is not your mother’s jeep tour—check out Hell’s Revenge! Dan and his dedicated, experienced, team have been ranked year-after-year as the number one off-roading tour group on TripAdvisor. 

State & National Parks: some of the best in the U.S. You will feel like you are on another planet. No trip to Moab is complete without this experience.

For the Best Milkshakes in Moab:

Service Opportunities: available at Dead Horse Point State Park. Please arrange through the camp director prior to your arrival at MBC.

Vehicles, Maps & Directions

The roads surrounding MBC are rough. Although low-profile vehicles can get to MBC, high-clearance vehicles and 4X4’s are best. MBC is not liable for any damage. Please use prudence in your choice of vehicles.  Passengers are not allowed to ride in the back of pickup trucks or on trailers. This is considered a violation of the State of Utah Motorized Vehicle Laws and The Boy Scouts of America Guide to Safe Scouting. State and Federal regulations along with LNT/Tread Lightly principles require that all vehicles stay on established and well-traveled roads and trails. Shuttle services are not provided for or by MBC.

Vehicles may park in/next to each groups campsite(s). Vehicles should not be used for transporting participants around camp. All vehicles should park in the “fire ready” position (backed-in facing out) for quick egress. Speed limit is 10mph.


See Leaders Guide for map.

  • Driving South on highway 191, turn right (West) at the Dead Horse Point/Canyonlands highway 313. Drive 12.8 miles and turn left (Northeast) at Gemini Bridges Road.
  • Driving North on highway 191, turn left (West) at the Dead Horse Point/Canyonlands highway 313. Drive 12.8 miles and turn left (Northeast) at Gemini Bridges Road.
    • At Gemini Bridges Road, MBC signage will be visible. Drive down Gemini Bridges Road following MBC signage.
    • It is approximately 6 miles from highway 313 to the Crips Hole/Four Arch Canyon area on Gemini Bridges Road to M.O.A.B. Base Camp.
    • When you arrive at M.O.A.B. Base Camp, there will be a “Check-In” sign pointing where to go.

Unit/Personal Equipment

MBC DOES NOT provide tents.



Sleeping pad

Insect repellent

Sleeping bag & pillow

Chap stick

Camp cot


Camp chair


Health & Medical Form (Parts A,B,C)

Hydration (backpack, bottle, bladder)

Change(s) of clothing



First Aid Kit

Shoes/hiking boots/water shoes

Dining fly/pop up/shade

Toiletries (toothbrush/past, soap, etc.)

Spending money

Base Camp

Base Camp is “MBC Central.” Check-in/check-out, food service, camp store, medical office, morning flag ceremony and shower facility are located here.

Safety & Security

Avoiding program areas is required for your groups’ safety and that of the equipment. Do not walk through roped-off areas and stay on established roads and trails. Sadly, there have been thefts at camp so please lock personal possessions in vehicles or leave them at home.

MBC IS NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.


Camp Store

Located in base camp, the camp store has bags of ice, ice cream, drinks, souvenirs and basic camping-related items available for purchase. Cash and credit are accepted. Hours vary and are posted on the door.

Phone Service

Due to MBC’s remote location, cell phone service is spotty and unpredictable. If a call is necessary, staff can direct you to areas in camp where service is better. Participants are encouraged to “cut-the-wire” (i.e. turn the phone off) during their stay to maximize the experience. Wi-Fi is not offered or provided by MBC.


Electricity is not available. Groups should plan to use personal vehicles and/or solar panels to charge phones and other devices.


Located in base camp, nine individual shower stalls are available with hot water (hot water is not much of an asset in the desert!). Showers are open until 9pm daily.


Two-dozen port-a-johns are located throughout the property. Port-a-johns are serviced weekly. Caution: Beware of splash back!


Groups are responsible for trash generated in their campsite(s). Please bring trash bags. A walk-in dumpster is located immediately south of base camp. LNT principles apply.

Buddy System

Due to MBC’s remote location and extreme environment, the protection and safety of all participants is critically important. Youth should use the buddy system while group leaders should know where all participants are at a given time.

The Cliffs

MBC is surrounded by 100-foot red cliffs. Beautiful and majestic, they are enticing to teenage participants. It’s like a kid in a candy store. Under no circumstances are participants to climb, crawl, jump, play, hang-out, dream about or otherwise be on the cliffs without staff supervision and appropriate safety gear. Those unable or unwilling to abide by this policy will be asked to leave MBC. Safety first. If interested in exploring the cliffs, please ask a staff member.


Rattlesnakes are common at MBC. They are typically encountered in the cooler temperatures of morning and evening. Pay attention to where you are walking! If encountered, leave it alone and report its’ location to a staff member. It is illegal to kill rattlesnakes. Rattlesnakes are relocated to habitat away from camp.


Each group is assigned a campsite(s). Campsites are primitive – Nothing is provided by MBC. There is no shade whatsoever! Groups are encouraged to bring pop-up canopies for sun protection. These should be lowered during the day to protect them from afternoon windstorms. If desired, please bring portable tables and chairs. No campsite is more than a 10-minute walk to base camp.


All water provided by MBC is potable. MBC’s water is well-sourced and charges a 6000- gallon water tank. Please use this resource wisely and report any leaks to camp management! MBC has three community spigots for group use: one in base camp in front of the trading post, one along the road to the 120’ rappel and shooting range and one on along the road to the wash. Camp staff will point these out to you during check-in/orientation. Please, please, please drink continuously and often throughout the day!!! Dehydration is our #1 medical issue.


Above ground fires are permitted at MBC (wood and propane). MBC has a small number of fire pits groups may borrow on a first come, first serve basis for use in their assigned campsite(s). LNT principles apply. Firewood is available for sale. Groups are advised to follow local and state regulations involving the movement of firewood. Note: Due to the lack of humidity in the Moab region, fire bans are often in effect.

Off-Road Vehicles

Personal All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs), Quads, Side x Sides, Golf Carts, motorcycles and other off-road vehicles ARE NOT permitted at MBC.


Simply put, pets (other than service animals) ARE NOT permitted at any BSA owned or operated camp facilities such as MBC. How would Fido feel in 100+ degree heat?

Cryptobiotic Soil

Located throughout MBC, cryptobiotic soil consists of communities of slowly-growing cyanobacteria, algae, mosses and lichens that bind soil together, retain scarce water and provide a usable source of nitrogen for desert plants. Your tracks matter! Once cryptobiotic soil is damaged, it may not recover in a lifetime. Bottom-line: stay on roads and established trails…Do not be a pathfinder! Help us protect the Environment-Leave No Trace.

Medical Forms & Standards

The medical office is in base camp. Moab Base Camp has an EMT (camp health officer) on-duty 24/7.

Each participant is to have a Health & Medical Record (Parts A, B, C) form available at check-in. The camp health officer reviews each medical form and asks about the health and well-being of the group. Potential medical problems are noted and the correct staff notified. The form will be stored in the medical office until departure. Note: The Health & Medical Record requires a physical examination by a qualified health professional.

The taking of prescription medication is the responsibility of the individual taking the medication and/or that individual’s parent or guardian. BSA policy requires that all prescription drugs brought to camp (including those needing refrigeration) are to be secured in a locked cabinet or room. An exception is made for a limited amount of medication carried by a participant for life-threatening conditions (bee stings, inhalers, first aid kits, etc.). Prescription medications must be in their original container listing the patient’s name.

Each participant in an MBC program must meet height and weight guidelines. Those who fall within these guidelines will be able to have an enjoyable experience with less risk.

The right-hand column shows the maximum acceptable weight to participate in an MBC program. Anyone who exceeds this limit is at an extreme risk for health problems and will be ineligible to participate in certain programs. Those who exceed these limits may be able to participate in rafting and/or other activities that are within MBC’s ability to provide.

Height Recommended Weight Maximum Acceptable
5'0" 97-138 166
5'1" 101-143 172
5'2" 104-148 178
5'3" 107-152 183
5'4" 111-157 189
5'5" 114-162 195
5'6" 118-167 201
5'7" 121-172 207
5'8" 125-178 214
5'9" 129-185 220
5'10" 132-188 226
5'11" 136-194 233
6'0" 140-199 239
6'1" 144-205 246
6'2" 148-210 252
6'3" 152-216 260
6'4" 155-222 267
6'5" 160-228 274
6'6" 164-234 281

Medical Facilities

Moab Regional Urgent Care (476 Williams Way, Moab / (435) 719-5500) & Moab Regional Hospital (450 Williams Way, Moab / (435) 719-3500). Both are a 45-minute drive from camp.

Tour and Activity Plan

Effective April 1, 2017, the BSA’s Tour and Activity Plan has been terminated. When traveling, groups should still plan, follow Scouting safety guidelines and “Be Prepared.”

Accident Insurance

Each unit or group must provide its own accident insurance. In most cases, this will be a secondary policy to that of the youth’s own family. The coverage for Scouts, Scouters and Venturers provides medical reimbursement in case of death, accident or sickness within policy amounts. Groups who do not have accident insurance may choose to purchase the BSA Accident Insurance (contact your council office for information). *Groups and units sponsored by the LDS Church do NOT need to submit this form as coverage is provided through the LDS Church.

Moab Base Camp Staff Opportunities

Moab Base Camp hires two dozen staff members each summer. Opportunities include rangers (youth staff) and adult area directors for mountain biking and climbing/rappelling. Other adult opportunities include assistant camp director, health officer, trading post manager and cook (two positions). Youth staff are cross-trained in mountain biking, climbing/rappelling and shooting sports. We prefer to hire individuals 16-years old and older by June 1. Mature and experienced 15-year old’s will be considered.

Typically, Moab Base Camp’s season runs from the Tuesday after Memorial Day through late July. If interested, speak to the camp director or complete and submit an employment application by February 1: http://www.utahscouts.org/camp-employment/21822

Code of Conduct

On my honor I promise to do my best to comply with this Boy Scouts of America Scouter Code of Conduct while serving in my capacity as an adult leader:

  1. I have or will complete my registration with the Boy Scouts of America, answering all questions truthfully and honestly.
  2. I will do my best to live up to the Scout Oath and Scout Law, obey all laws, and hold others in Scouting accountable to those standards. I will exercise sound judgment and demonstrate good leadership and use the Scouting program for its intended purpose consistent with the mission of the Boy Scouts of America.
  3. I will make the protection of youth a personal priority. I will complete and remain current with youth protection training requirements. I will be familiar with and follow:
    1. BSA youth protection policies and guidelines, including mandatory reporting: http://www.scouting.org/YouthProtection.aspx 
    2. The Guide to Safe Scouting: http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/HealthandSafety/GSS.aspx 
    3. The Sweet Sixteen of BSA Safety: http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/HealthandSafety/Resources/sweet16.aspx
  4. When transporting Scouts I will obey all laws, comply with youth protection guidelines, and follow safe driving practices.
  5. I will respect and abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America, BSA policies, and BSA-provided training, including but not limited to, those relating to:
    1. Unauthorized fundraising activities
    2. Advocacy on social and political issues, including prohibited use of the BSA uniform and brand
    3. Bullying, hazing, harassment, and unlawful discrimination of any kind
  6. I will not discuss or engage in any form of sexual conduct while engaged in Scouting activities. I will refer Scouts with questions regarding these topics to talk to their parents or spiritual advisor.
  7. I confirm that I have fully disclosed and will disclose in the future any of the following:
    1. Any criminal suspicion, charges or convictions of a crime or offense involving abuse, violence, sexual misconduct, or any misconduct involving minors or juveniles
    2. Any investigation or court order involving domestic violence, child abuse, or similar matter
    3. Any criminal charges or convictions for offenses involving controlled substances, driving while intoxicated, firearms or dangerous weapons.
  8. I will not possess, distribute, transport, consume, or use any of the following items prohibited by law or in violation of any Scouting rules, regulations and policies:
    1. Alcoholic beverages or controlled substances, including marijuana.
    2. Concealed or unconcealed firearms, fireworks, or explosives.
    3. Pornography or materials containing words or images inconsistent with Scouting values.
  9. If I am taking prescription medications with the potential of impairing my functioning or judgment, I will not engage in activities which would put Scouts at risk, including driving or operating equipment.
  10. I will take steps to prevent or report any violation of this code of conduct by others in connection with Scouting activities.

Please Note

Any adult accompanying a Boy Scout troop or Venture crew to a residence camp or other Scouting activity lasting 72 hours or more must be registered as a leader, including completion of a Criminal Background Check (CBC) and Youth Protection Training (YPT), even if they are the parent of a youth on the trip.

Two registered adult leaders 21 years of age or over are required at all Scouting activities, including meetings. There must be a registered female adult leader 21 years of age or over in every unit serving females. A registered female adult leader 21 years of age or over must be present for any activity involving female youth.