2018 Family Odyssey
2018 Family Odyssey

2018 Family Odyssey
Registration Begins
Last Day To Register
7/5/2018 11:55 PM
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The last date for registration has passed.

Family Odyssey is a wonderful outdoor Scouting experience for your entire family.   It is challenging at times, but it's well worth it!

Wood Badge and Akela's Council

  • Wood Badge is the ultimate leadership training for all adults, whatever their Scouting position.
  • Akela's Council is the ultimate program training for any Cub Scout leader.
  • One parent may participate in Wood Badge or Akela's Council.  This is full-time training.  Another adult family member needs to be available in camp in case your child gets sick or has an emergency.

Timberline National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)

  • Young men ages 13-17 may attend NYLT, where they will learn leadership principles similar to those taught at Wood Badge. Youth not attending Timberline NYLT attend the family program.
  • Youth attending Timberline NYLT must complete both Family Odyssey registration and Timberline registration.  Fees will only be charged at the Timberline registration page.

***Important*** Please remember to register for Wood Badge, Akela's Council and Timberline separately.***

Click here for Wood Badge

Click here for Akela's Council

Click here for Timberline NYLT

Family Activities

  • Nursery - 18 months to 3-year-olds: Toys, story time, small activities, snacks, and naptime.
  • 3-5-year-olds:  A range of fun activities, stories, games, and snacks.
  • 6-7-year-olds:  A variety of games, crafts, swimming, and other age-appropriate activities.
  • 8-11-year-old girls: Swimming, shooting, archery, nature, crafts, and other age-appropriate activities.
  • 8-11-year-old boys:  Various activities including swimming, shooting, archery, and nature, along with some Cub and Boy Scout requirements.
  • 12-13-year-olds:  Swimming, shooting, archery, rock climbing, crafts and other activities.
  • 14-18-year-olds: Leadership training combined with the above-mentioned camp activities.
  • Adults/Spouses:  May participate in swimming, shooting, archery, crafts and other activities as desired.

2018 Family Odyssey Guidebook

$25.00 per 18 months-3 year-old
$70.00 per 4-5 year-old
$105.00 per 6-11 year-old
$205.00 per 12-18 year-old
$205.00 per Adult
$125.00 per Family Activities Staff
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation deadline is two weeks before the course begins. Before this deadline, registration fees will be refunded, minus the $100 non-refundable deposit. No refunds are given for cancellations after July 8, 2018.