2018 Cedar Breaks Klondike
2018 Cedar Breaks Klondike

2018 Cedar Breaks Klondike
Registration Begins
1/5/2018 1:00 PM
Last Day To Register
2/9/2018 4:00 PM
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The last date for registration has passed.

Boy Scout Klondike

February 9-10, 2018

Woods Ranch up Cedar Canyon


Cost:                     $10.00 per person for early registration.  After Feb 2nd $15.00 per person.  

                              Registration ENDS February 9rth 2018.  Register at Scout Store or online at:


                             (Registration covers food, patches, prizes, portable toilets and supplies)


Friday:                 Check in 3:30-5:30 PM

                              SPL Meeting East Pavilion 6:00 PM

                              Dinner on Troop level

                              Short evening program 8:00 PM


Saturday:          Breakfast--8:00 AM in Pavilion (provided by District)

Flag Ceremony--8:30 AM

Activities--9:00 AM   Each troop please bring or borrow a sled to participate in the Klondike Sled Race.

Activities include:  Sled Race/Cross Cut Saw Competition/Fire Building/Snow Shoe Racing


Register at Scout Store or online at:


Woods Ranch use requirements and clean up:

  • ALL trash must be removed, no trash buried in the snow
  • No hay or straw bales may be used
  • No parking on State Hwy Route 14
  • Fires must be contained in fire rings or your own metal container raised off of ground.    

No fires may be built directly on the ground or asphalt!

Questions contact:

Jerry Allred 435-233-8557

Scouting/Youth Klondike Events


Iron County completely supports the scouting program and would like to offer Woods Ranch to be used for the annual Klondike events.  However, each spring we are faced with a great deal of clean-up to include: trash buried in the snow, unused pallets, nails from pallets, asphalt melted because of fires built outside of designated grates, ash debris outside of fire grates, cardboard left behind from sliding down the hills, etc. 

This results in extra costs and time by our department to keep the park in good condition for others to use for their events and for the safety of the public.  In as much as the scouts are not being charged a fee to use Woods Ranch for their winter Klondike events, you must adhere to the following rules and requirements. 

Failure to comply with the rules may result in forfeiting your privilege to use the park!

  1. TRASH:
    • You must remove any and all trash generated at Woods Ranch.  This includes:
      1. Garbage
      2. Cardboard Boxes
      3. Straw
      4. Wood signs
      5. Ashes, etc.
  • Trash bags can be provided if needed.  Please call 435-865-5325 to arrange for bags
    • Any structures or shelters built for the Klondike must be completely dismantled and all the debris and materials removed from the premises.
    • Stomp in the snow caves.
  • Due to serious safety concerns you may not park on State Route 14. Please confine all parking in the Woods Ranch expanded parking lot. Please leave enough open area on the asphalt to allow vehicles to pass.
  1. FIRES
  • Contain fires in provided concrete fire rings or you must provide your own containers. Do not have fires in containers on the asphalt areas of the park or on the floor of the pavilions. ( must be raised off the asphalt!)
  • Do not burn any pallets as they leave behind nails.
  • Feel free to use the fireplaces at any time.
  • You may bring metal containers such as a five-gallon metal bucket or a #4 type metal washtub for your fires.  All ashes must be taken with you.
  • Bury the remnants of the fire with the snow.
  • Picnic tables are to remain in the pavilions. They are not built for the snow load and must remain inside the pavilions.
  • Any attempt to enclose a pavilion by hanging tarps or visqueen will require you to remove all material.  Should you need to leave enclosure up for more than one weekend, please notify us at 435-865-5325 and tell us when and who will be responsible for removal.
  1. SNOW
  • Safety is always an issue for Iron County Outdoor Recreation.  If Woods Ranch area is unable to be cleared of snow, by our snow plow, other arrangements will have to be made, such as rescheduling to another date or a possible cancellation.
    • We will make every effort to open the bathroom facilities at Woods Ranch; however, it is your responsibility to bring your own sanitation/port a potty’s to ensure that human waste is properly contained and removed from Wood’s Ranch.

It is the responsibility of the scout groups to clean up after themselves before vacating the area.  It is your responsibility as the Klondike organizer to pass along the rules and responsibilities to each group to ensure that they are adhered to. 

Please remember the Boy Scout Outdoor Code:

As an American, I will do my best to -

  • Be clean in my outdoor manners
  • Be careful with fire
  • Be considerate in the outdoors, and
  • Be conservation minded.

We understand the importance of scouting and want to continue to offer the park in support of the winter Klondike events.  Please help us keep the park in good condition so others may enjoy its use also.  Thank you for your help.  Should you have any questions please contact our office at 435-865-5325.

Thank you,

Maria Twitchell

Iron County Outdoor Recreation Director


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$10.00 per Participant
Late fee
After 2/2/2018 a fee of $5.00 will apply.
Cancellation Policy
No refunds will be issued for this event. Food, prizes, supplies, patches and portable toilets have to be paid for in advance of the activity.