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Heart of Scouting

On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God...

Scouts know this phrase by heart. It was placed first in the Scout Oath on purpose by the Scouting movement founders. According to Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scouting movement when asked why religion must be a part of Scouting, "[Religion] is already inside. It is already the fundamental factor pervading Scouting and Guiding." (From a speech to Scout and Guide commissaries, July 2, 1926).

The Heart of Scouting program is focused on helping "my duty to God" be cemented as the first and primary duty of all Scouts, no matter the age.

Unit leaders may wish to adjust parts of the program, especially if they have youth with special needs. Leaders have the freedom and permission to adjust the program in whatever ways they believe will most benefit their youth. Those who adjust the program are encouraged to share their ideas with the Council so their innovations can be shared with others. We also encourage you to share inspirational stories about the affects of implementing The Heart of Scouting program. Please e-mail your ideas, feedback, and stories to help@utahscouts.org

Tools to help you implement The Heart of Scouting program in your unit:

  • The Heart of Scouting Leader's Guide. This guide can also be obtained from your District or at the Council Service Center.
  • The Heart of Scouting Brochure. Give a copy of this to all of your leaders and youth. They can then use this brochure to keep track of their accomplishments towards earning The Heart of Scouting recognitions. This brochure can also be obtained from your District or at the Council Service Center.
  • The Heart of Scouting training presentation. Download and use this presentation to train you and your leaders about the program.

    Note: If prompted, choose "Open" and then use your Page-Down and Page-Up keys to navigate through the presentation. If you have problems viewing the presentation in your browser, download and install the special Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer. Click here for download instructions.

Additional suggestions and ideas that have been found to work by others in their Scouting units can be downloaded here. This document will be updated as additional ideas are received, so check back often!