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Wilderness Adventure and Kodiak Experiences (WAKE)



   Introduction and Purpose:

WAKE is an information service made available at no cost by council volunteers  to help crews plan and conduct quality super-activities “after proper training for the ultimate outdoor experience and fun” while incorporating youth leadership opportunities and Kodiak leadership training in the process.  WAKE challenges youth to “do hard things and finish them.”

The requirements for a Venturing Crew or Varsity Team to participant in WAKE are as follows::

1.       Youth Led- The super-activity is to be planned & led by youth leaders working with their adult mentors.

2.       Wilderness- A portion of your trek is to be conducted in the wilderness or backcountry.

3.       Adventure- High adventure activities are to be incorporated based on crew interests & resources.

4.    Kodiak- The Kodiak Leadership course is to be conducted by a trained adult and assistants.

4.       Expeditions- a portion of the event is to include an expedition such as a 50-miler or other trek. (The WAKE 50-miler patch requires completion of Kodiak and 50 continuous miles of travel whether by bike, foot, horse, canoe, raft, wind craft, or other non-motorized means).





1.        Browse WAKE Area Resource Page (see also High Adventure Planning Guideto learn of options & resources. on the WAKE page


2.       Register-- for a WAKE consultation to get started.

3.       Survey- After you have submitted your completed survey to unpcvoa@gmail.com , we will review it and schedule a consultation with your youth & trip leader.

4.       Kodiak Course Request- Submit completed form for course approval. The Advisor then attends the Kodiak CDC training typically scheduled in Jan/Feb.

5.       Trek Planner- After your consult, complete your planner and all preparations (tour plansafety & skills training, certifications, scouting trips, etc.) before our follow-up consult with you in the early summer.

6.       Enjoy your WAKE Experience.

7.       Kodiak Closeout Report- Submit after your trek to unpcvoa@gmail.com . Attach your planner, photos & other info for publishing in our WAKE Library to help future crews.