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Utah Parks - CampingHigh AdventureBeaver High Adventure BaseBeaver High Adventure Base Program Basics

Beaver High Adventure Base Program Basics

Beaver is a fully customizable high adventure base camp where units can choose the days and activities of their choice through their registration, with the focus on Varsity and Venturing units.  Girls' groups, stake encampments, and youth conferences are also available.  Optional food program is cafeteria style dining.  Come as many days as you want (from one to six or more).

Units (including girls groups) can select from the following staff guided day-long activities:

  • COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) - This is the best COPE experience in the state, with both low and high cope elements which include a tandem zip line, the traverse, and the flying squirrel.  Note: The High COPE programs that require harnesses and helmets are limited to 14 years of age and older.
  • Climbing/Rappeling - Hike 2 miles to Experience Granite!  
  • Whitewater - This short trip over the mountain bring your to an exhiliarationg 2-hour trip down the Sevier River.
  • Battle Creek - Enter the conquest and learn how to lead your group in a medieval military battle with foam swords.
  • Shooting on the Frontier - Frontier and Shooting return as a combined program in 2012 where you can shoot rifle, archery, and black powder in a frontier setting with frontier activities and games.  
  • Mountain Biking - We have partnered with Eagle Pointe ski resort to offer lifts to run mountain bikes up the mountain for a gonzo downhill biking experience.

Backpacking Option

Some of our activities, like mountain biking, lakefront activities at Puffer Lake, whitewater rafting, hiking three peaks, and climbing and rapelling, are off-property and require you to drive and/or hike to get there.  Units that wish to camp on forest lands or at the ski resort instead of staying at base camp can do so.  You can drive and/or backpack to each location.  Make sure you fill out the proper permits.  The camping fee will be waived for each night you do this.

Unit-Provided Activities (Free)

  • GPS Course - Geocaching
  • Hiking, Backpacking, and Cycling the Tushar Range including the traditional Three Peaks Hike (Bring your own bike)
  • Service Projects with US Forest Service
  • Canoeing and Kayaking - Bring your own watercraft and boat nearby local lakes and reservoirs.  (Adults need safety afloat and youth need swim checks at home.)  Some watercraft is available at camp.

Evening activities provided after dinner include:

  • Shooting Sports
  • Cat-Eye Honor Trail
  • Camp Games
  • Zipline 
  • Frontier Overnight Hike
  • Campfires

Advancement and Recognition

Varsity Scout advancement self-study programs are available for merit badges, Varsity Pins, and the Varsity Letter.  Venturing support for the Outdoor Bronze is also available.  


Units can participate in a unit ILS (formerly VLSC) course.  Kits will be provided to youth leaders. Units can also do their own Kodiak training with Council approval.  

Large Groups (LDS YM or YW Stake Encampments, as well as youth conferences)


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