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Advancement Procedures

Advancement within the Scouting program is a key element in the development of our youth. Quick and proper recognition of advancement is critical.

In order to make advancement both consistent and easily understood, the Council Advancement Committee is working to document the procedures that are to be followed by adult leadership and the council to ensure the objectives of the advancement program are met.

The result of this effort is a set of documents that make up the "Standard Operating Procedure" or SOP of the council. We encourage all units, districts and council advancement people to become very familiar with these procedures and to implement them immediately.

One of the most important procedures for all Scouting units concerns submission of advancements to the council. Please review and follow the SOP regarding Advancement Submission.

Please provide feedback to the Council Advancement Committee if you run into any concerns or have suggestions to simplify the procedures.

All Advancement Documents

Advancement Committee Meeting Minutes

Title Type Description Additional Info
Introduction to SOP SOP Introduction to SOP N/A
SOP Advancement Submission N/A

Information Updated: Friday, January 15, 2010




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