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Leader-Specific Training

Leader-Specific Training is required for new Scout leaders, either for the first time, or in a new capacity.

Use the table below to find a resource for you to complete Leader-Specific Training.

If you are a Cub Scout Leader, you can complete all of your training through the Training Portal.

> Take Cub Scout Leader Specific Training Online

Varsity Vision

Varsity Vision training can be a great way to obtain Varsity Leader-Specific Training. This may be taken in place of the Varsity Leader-specific Training classroom course.

> Register for the next Varsity Vision Training

Introduction to Outdoor Leaders Skills (North Star)

Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) teaches basic camping and outdoor safety skills, and is required training for the following positions: Scoutmasters (and Assistants), Varsity Team Coaches (and Assistants), Venturing Crew Advisors (and Assistants).

> Find the next IOLS North Star training event

Leader-Specific Training 

Districts throughout the Council offer Leader-Specific Training courses. This includes training for all unit leadership positions. Please use the links below to find the next course in your area.

See Below

> Utah/Wasatch County Leader-Specific Training

> Uintah Basin Leader-Specific Training

> Central Utah Leader-Specific Training

> Southeastern Utah Leader-Specific Training

> Southwestern Utah Leader-Specific Training

If you have already completed Leader-Specific Training, your unit committee chair can update your records at



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