Varsity Vision Training

One Night, On Adventure, One Vision

What is Varsity Vision Training?

New Varsity Scout coaches and youth leaders are invited to go to this overnight hands-on high adventure experience, one that fulfills basic training requirements for the adult leaders, but allows the advisors and youth to learn together.  Plus you get to learn from actual Varsity leaders and youth team leaders.  Why spend 6 hours on a Saturday inside a building when you can take you youth camping and get a better experience?

Among the topics cover include learning:

  • How to be a Team Captain and/or Varsity Coach
  • How to manage a High Adventure and/or Sports program
  • How to make your own activity pin requirements
  • How so scale the steps to the Denali award
  • How to win as a team
  • How to plan your Ultimate Adventure to earn your Varsity Letter
  • How to create a vision of what your team will look like

What does it cost?

The cost varies depending on the location and activities available, but normally include food and course materials.

What should I bring?

Scout uniform, tent, sleeping bag, weather-appropriate clothes, flashlight, and person hygiene items.  Anything you would need on a typical overnight campout.

Upcoming Varsity Vision Courses:

Click here to sign up for the September 16-17 Varsity Vision course in Pleasant Grove

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