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Arapeen DistrictMerit BadgeHow To: Become a Merit Badge Counselor

How To:
Become a Merit Badge Counselor

Three (3) documents must be submitted in order to begin the process of becoming a Merit Badge Counselor. Registration as a Merit Badge Counselor (position code 42) does NOT require an application fee.

  1. Adult Application (even if you are already registered as a leader in a unit to become a merit badge counselor requires a separate or new application). The "Signature of unit committee chairman" or "Signature of chartered organization head or representative" are NOT required....however all other signatures and information is, including your Social Security Number. You have two (2) signature blocks to sign. Place "42" in the Position Code and "Merit Badge Counselor" in the Scouting position (description). If you fail to compete the application it WILL NOT be processed, you CANNOT become a Merit Badge Counselor unless the 2 application documents and 1 training document are complete, accurate and a background check is performed. This is a District level position, Unit Signatures are NOT required.

    Please remember to sign the page that asks:
    My signature below indicates that I have read, understand, and accept the accompanying disclosures and acknowledgments.
  2. Merit Badge Counselor Information form 34405. Please include all information asked for on this form as well.
  3. A copy or proof of your current Youth Protection Training certificate. Youth Protection Training is available online Volunteers MUST NOT work with boys in any capacity WITHOUT current/valid Youth Protection Training.

When you have completed all the documents, turn them into the Ephraim or Richfield Scout Stores or to the District Executive (Mark Baldwin 435-314-0201). All three documents are required to become a Merit Badge Counselor within the Arapeen District. Youth Protection Training is required every two years and Merit Badge Counselor Orientation is a one time requirement within first 90 days of approved registration. For any/all question(s) concerning this process you may contact the Arapeen District Program Chair: Steve Brandt (435-283-2283) or the Arapeen District Advancement Chair: Jay Bosshardt (435-896-7252)

If you already have a logon account with and are having trouble logging on (your email address on the account is no longer active, etc) you can email the national office ( requesting help with your account. You can also contact the National Office and ask for tech support for MyScouting at 972-580-2489. The main phone number for BSA is 972-580-2000. It is recommended you attempt email contact prior to calling.....

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