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Lehi Stakes; Cedar Hollow, Lehi East, Lehi North, Lehi West, Pheasant Pt. and Traverse Mtn.
American Fork Stakes; AF Central, AF East, AF North, AF Utah, AF West and Hillcrest
Community; St Peters Catholic, Lehi Rotary Club.    
Chairman   Kelly Harper 801-756-6891
Commissioner   Larry Cox 801-787-9908
Exec Vice Commissioner   Sam Liddiard 801-763-3020
Program Chairman   Hugh Johnson 801-756-9924
Executive   John P Peterson 801-636-0358
Executive Sec   Ron VanLeuven 801-766-9412
VC Membership   Wendy Wiltbank 801-592-3514
VC Fund Development   Dale Gunther 801-592-1862
Scout Roundtable   Brent Summerhays 801-440-0781
Cub Roundtable   Rochelle Pinnock 801-319-6133
Advancement Chair   Elizabeth Shumway 801-407-6100
Nominating Chair   James Hadfield 801-763-3000
Nominating VC   Chris Condie 801-400-4258
Order of Arrow   Layne Garrett 801-400-5297
Camp Promotion   Steve Roll 801-400-0166
Training Chair   Paul Strong 801-756-8284
Public Relations & IT   Loren Smith 801-380-0273
Special Awards    Jack Wiltbank 801-766-5678
Quartermaster   Louis Wright 801-368-0659
Activity Chairman   Rick Williams 801-360-1091
Cub Day Camp   Lorna Heppler 801- 358-1120
Varsity Mtn Man   Mike Pace 801-885-6975
Webelos Activities   Susan McDonald 801-362-1268
 Roundtable; For all Scout Leaders, will be the first Thursday of the month at 
650 East 3200 North in Lehi, Utah at 7:00pm.    
2016 Iron Horse Calendar         
Youth Protection Training @ Roundtable every month  
Merit Badge Counselor Training @ Roundtable every month  
Venturing Position Specific Training @ Roundtable 9/1/16 6:00pm  
Varsity Turkey Shoot 10/29/16 @ Provo Gun Culb    
Congratulations to new Silver Beavers:    
Craig Wilkins, Bruce Frandsen, Ellen Townsend, Norm Rupp, Charley Shumway