Pinewood Derby Tracks

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Fee $

Additional Information



4 Yes Yes 42' $90 for most of Utah County Split times readout. Renter is responsible for set up and take down. Brandon Miller 801-427-7204
3 No No 32' $45 ($35 for Alpine District Units) Place indicator, serial port for computer hook-up to print reports. Renter is responsible for set up and takedown. Pat Schow 801-756-5916
3 Yes Yes 32' $50 Computer timed. Print our for boys. Includes electronic scale. Not available Tuesday evenings. James Brown 801-226-7776 or reserve online at
4 No No 35 $50 Aluminum track. Renter picks up and returns. Nathan Peterson 801-900-3036
4 No No 40' $55 (Discount for Iron Horse District Units) Place indicator lights. Will set-up. The track is currently for sale. Randy Bleazard 801-756-9731
3 Yes Yes 50' $100 Aluminum track. Price includes set up, emcee, takedown. Will happily run the race. Timer and software. Reserve four months in advance. Ben Donalson 801-369-9201
4 No No 40' $85 Indicator light. A barrier for safety zones. Will help run. Rudy and Valerie Preston


3 Yes Yes 42' $100 The aluminum track, digital timer. Will set up, run, and remove. Andrew Fallon 801-789-3445
6 Yes Yes 34' $75 Timer shows place/time, electronic scale. Will set up, run, and remove. Jeff and Kelsy Coons 801-794-0825
4 Yes Yes 42' $100 (Additional cost if outside of Springville area) Aluminum track, computer controlled, electronic timer, printable reports. Will set up, run, and remove. Track is currently for sale. Frank and Debbie Morse 801-735-5215
3 Yes Yes 50' $100 Aluminum track, digital timer, computer controlled, times/scoreboard projected. Each lane run twice = six lane track. Lync Jones 801-473-1877
4 Yes Yes 42' $100 Aluminum elevated track, rubberized stop section, remote stop section, remote start gate, electronic timer, computer controlled. Will set up, run, and remove. Willing to do open racing after initial race just for fun. Tod Smith 801-865-0413
4 Yes Yes 42' $80 ($100 outside Utah County) Aluminum track, printed results. Chantel and Joseph Rhodes 801-407-4354
4 Yes Yes 44' $90 for most of Utah County Split times readout. Renter is responsible to set up, run, and take down. Jennifer Castleberry 801-899-5884
n/a Yes Yes 42' Rates start at $120 The raised aluminum track, projector hook up. Will set up, run, and take down. Offer trophy packages and certificates. Michael Jensen 801-979-3327
4 Yes Yes 35' or 42' or 49' Rates start at $125 Elevated, electronic timing. Will set-up, run the race and take down. Speaker system with wireless mic, music, weigh-in, registration, and projector. Indoor or outdoor. Located in Lehi but will go anywhere in Utah.  Sean Snorgrass 801-725-9975
4 Yes Yes 39' $100 Aluminum track. Check out the website at 

Adam Lindquist


Raingutter Regatta

Fee $

Additional Information



$5 per gutter 4 wet, 4 dry. 10' plastic gutters. Will deliver for additional fee. Hayden Allen (Ask for Nyla) 801-798-1557
$10 (Discount for Alpine and Orem Districts) 2 lanes, 10' metal gutters. Must pick up and return. Pat Schow 801-756-5916
$20 2 lanes, 10' metal gutters. Self contained with automatic drain. Must pick up and return. Tom Brunger 801-226-6647

Space Derby Tracks

None available at this time...

***NOTICE: The above list of track rentals is provided as a service and in now way are considered endorsed by either the Boy Scouts of America or the Utah National Parks Council, BSA.***

Updated: May 18, 2018