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District Recognition Night Nomination Forms

The annual Pony Express District Recognition Event will take place in February 2014; specifics to follow. This is the District’s opportunity to publicly recognize adult scouters in the district who have given outstanding service at the unit or district level. Nominations are to be submitted to a member of the District Advancement & Recognition Committee or a member of the District Key 3 no later than January 10, 2014. 

District Award of Merit The District Award of Merit is a council award presented by districts. It is presented in recognition of service of an outstanding nature given over an extended period of time. It may be given for service performed at either or both the unit level and the district level. The district is limited to 12 such awards in any given year.

Second Miler Award The Second Miler award is council-sanctioned award presented by the districts. It is presented to a district or unit scouter in recognition of outstanding service given in which the individual went the “second mile.” It generally recognizes a particular achievement (event or program element) in which the individual went “above and beyond” his/her normal responsibilities in its accomplishment. It is expected that the nominee will have already gone the “first mile” in completing all elements of basic training appropriate to his/her position at the time the achievement took place.

Please fill in the nomination forms completely, since this will provide the criteria upon which the selection committee will base their decision. Include, as well, a detailed description of the individual’s service and an argument for his/her selection. Please provide details and be specific. Avoid generalizations. In the event of the individual’s selection, this information will be the basis for the written citation.

Completed forms may be given to Key 3 or sent to the Council Service Center in Orem (Attn: Terry).

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