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Merit Badge Counselors - Porter Rockwell District

How to become a merit badge counselor?

  1. Complete the new on-line merit badge counselor course available at my.scouting.org (there are two modules) or attend a leader led course.

  2. Submit a BSA application, if you are not currently registered with BSA.
  3. Submit a merit badge counselor application, which must include your BSA ID number and your most recent youth protection training date. 
  4. Confirm you are added to the district merit badge counselor database BEFORE you start serving. If you are not listed, please contact the council service center. Here is the URL link:  https://utahscouts.doubleknot.com/advancement/merit-badge-counselors/29342



  • Always check our district merit badge counselor database to find an authorized merit badge counselor.
  • Do not rely on individuals saying they are merit badge counselors or on a unit maintained list.
  • Individuals are dropped if BSA registration or youth protection training certification date have lapsed.



How to access the Porter Rockwell merit badge counselor database?

1. You can view the database in a read mode and/or dowload a list.

2. Click here to login. Enter SCOUTSP1 and MBList1 as the ID and password respectively. 



--Click here to download a copy of the Adult Application form, fill out and sign the application portion and sign the disclosure form. Turn in both forms to the council offices or to the District Executive in person or by postal mail.

--Click here to download a copy of the Merit Badge Counselor Information form. (verson 2013) This document is used to add you as a Merit Badge Counselor to the online database once your Adult Application has been received, processed, and the background check has been completed by the council office.

--Click here to complete Youth Protection Training online. This is an online training that will take about 30 minutes to complete. This is required for all counselors to complete once every two years.

--Click here to read A Guide For Merit Badge Counseling. This publication will help new and potential merit badge counselors through their responsibilities in the role and will give them an understanding of the methods of counseling Scouts.




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