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Youth Protection Training

A note about Youth Protection Training and Rechartering...

Youth Protection Training is required for ALL adult leaders. This must either happen prior to submitting an adult application (turn a copy of the certificate in with the paperwork), or if you are already registered renewed every 24 months. There are some adults in the system that have not completed the course or it is expired. The Unit Charter Renewal system will indicate on the printout those leaders that need to complete this training. It is the policy of the Porter Rockwell District and the Utah National Parks Council that recharters will be refused if ALL leaders requiring training do not provide a copy of their certification. We will compare printouts with Not Trained reports and cannot accept charters (or those leaders) that do not comply with this guideline.

In addition, it was recently determined that the National Council is now enforcing that individuals in a Venturing Crew must complete the Youth Protection Training session specific to Venturing! This affects Chartered Organization Representatives, Committee Chairs, and Committee Members that may serve on both the troop and crew committees—those leaders must complete both Youth Protection Training sessions. Crew advisors and their assistants only need to complete the Venturing session.

Both sessions of Youth Protection Training may be taken online at myscouting.org.


Need to host a ward/stake in-person training event?


DVDs of either youth protection training sessions can be checked out from Jeff at the Council Service Center in Orem. He will provide you with training cards and a copy of the youth protection quiz that may be given to reinforce the principles taught in the video. Please contact him at 801-437-4412 to schedule.

In addition, you will need to give participants a copy of the council's Guidelines For Reporting Child Abuse Or Neglect document, as well as have them sign the Training Attendance Report and return it to Jeff to post so participants may receive credit for taking the course.

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