To Charter A New Unit (for LDS Wards)

To create a new unit you need three items:

  2. ADULT APPLICATIONS--pages 4 & 5 (plus training certificate)
    To add leaders, an adult application must be submitted along with a copy of their youth protection training certification for each person--

    —Unit Leader: Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Varsity Coach, Crew Advisor
    —Chartered Organization Representative
    —Committee Chair
    —2 Committee Members (COR or other bishopric member may also serve in this role)

    You may add additional leaders (assistants, den leaders [Cub Scouts], 11-year Scout leaders [Boy Scouts], more committee members, but the above list shows required positions to start a new unit).

    Even if you are using individuals already in place from your Pack or Troop, you will need a paper application from them (unless you chartered that unit in the same year , then I can photocopy these items for you).
  3. YOUTH
    Have your ward clerk prepare a document listing the appropriate aged group of boys and include their NAME, ADDRESS, and BIRTHDATE (please see MLS Template document for more details). Of course you can still submit youth paper applications if desired.

    When you have these items bring them to Terry at the Council Service Center in Orem to process; your stake will cover the funds for this expense.


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