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Provo Peak District Eagle Advancement

This page explains basic district procedures for advancement to Eagle. Scouts, parents, unit leaders, and unit committee members are invited to review this page periodically.

Please note that not all policies or procedures are listed here. For detailed policy or procedure questions, Scouts should contact their district-appointed Eagle coach (see the Eagle Scout Coach section for coach details).

Scheduling a Project Approval Online

As a District Advancement Committee, we are excited to now offer the opportunity for you to preschedule appointments for eagle Scout project approvals. Please note that prescheduling is not required, but can help reduce the time you spend waiting for an approval meeting. Walk-ins are welcome, but scheduled appointments will have the priority.

To schedule a project approval, please click here.

Life to Eagle Presentation

All Scouts who have been advanced to the rank of Life Scout (as well as any Scouts who are interested but are not yet Life Scouts) are invited to attend a Life to Eagle presentation. Parents and unit leaders and committee members are also invited to attend. This presentation is given by members of the district advancement committee trained specifically in Eagle advancement procedures. This presentation is given the second Thursday of every month at 7 pm at 1555 N 1350 W, Provo. (This is the same time and place as Boy Scout Roundtable.)

Eagle Scout Coach

Scouts should begin working with a district-appointed Eagle coach soon after achieving the rank of Life Scout. Only a district-appointed coach meets the requirements of an Eagle Scout Service Project Coach outlined in Guide to Advancement, section Scouts should contact a district-appointed coach at least one week before seeking district approval.
Below is a list of current, district-appointed Eagle coaches in the Provo Peak District. Please contact one of them well in advance of wanting to have your Eagle project approved by the district. Please do not send a mass email to everyone.



Phone #


Rolando Chavez (Spanish also)


860 West 1232 South

Dan Forward


4538 Northgate Dr

Marlene Richardson


302 East 3060 North

Gary Thornock


1108 Birch Lane

Jean Dean (special needs also)


1514 North 1880 West

Brad Tanner


341 South 300 West

Jim Simmerman


2468 North 850 West

Sonny and Martha Makasini


1951 Montana Ave

Martin Mendizabal (Spanish also)


1185 North 2670 West

Mic Kelsch


460 North 1020 West

Ellis Bailey


1170 N Locust Cir

John D. Lucas


665 East 2780 North

Wendi Stevenson


403 W 3610 N

Stan Stolle



Eric Mercer


175 N 2970 W

Mike Manuel


2122 N 1220 E

Taft Kaze


2317 W 560 S

Jeremy Stallard


1298 E 580 S

Jim Jackson


3025 Mojave Lane

If you have questions, please email

Eagle Scout Service Project

Perhaps the most well-known requirement for advancement to Eagle is the service project. Scouts should only use the current workbook, available at Eagle Workbook Procedures. Policies regarding the service project are found in the workbook and in Guide to Advancement, section 9.0.2.

A Scout obtains district approval before beginning actual work on an Eagle project. Project approval is given during the district's Eagle Night, held the third Thursday of every month from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at theLDS church, 1555 N 1350 W, Provo. No appointment is made; Scouts are received on a first-come-first-served basis.

18th Birthday

All requirements for Eagle (except requirement 7, the board of review) must be completed before the 18th birthday. The board of review may be completed immediately after the 18th birthday.

Submitting a Completed Eagle Application Packet

Important Note: A completed Eagle packet is to be submitted to a district-appointed Eagle coach at least 10 days prior to the Eagle Night in which the Scout wishes to appear before a board of review.

After all requirements have been met, a Scout meets with a district-appointed Eagle coach to prepare all necessary application materials. The Scout provides the following materials in a paper clip or folder (no binders or sheet protectors):

  • Eagle Scout Rank Application
    • The most recent form is to be used and is available at Advancement Resources, under the Rank Advancement section.
    • The application is to be printed on one page, front and back.
  • Member Unit Advancement Summary
    • The summary is to be current (e.g., includes all merit badges listed on the rank application).
    • The summary is obtained by a unit leader or committee member from Internet Advancement.
  • Statement of Ambitions and Positions
    • Details for this statement are given in requirement 7. Questions about this requirement should be directed to the district-appointed Eagle coach.
  • Letters of Recommendation
    • A Scout should contact a district-appointed Eagle coach before requesting recommendations.
    • Recommendations from references are to be sent by regular mail directly to the district-appointed Eagle coach; the Scout should not receive the letters, even in sealed envelopes. These letters should not be form letters. Persons writing letters are invited to describe how they have seen the Scout live the Scout Oath and Scout Law.
  • Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook
    • All pages of the workbook should be included in the packet.

Important Note (again): A completed Eagle packet is to be submitted to a district-appointed Eagle coach at least 10 days prior to the Eagle Night in which the Scout wishes to appear before a board of review.

Board of Review

Boards of review are held on the district's Eagle Night, the third Thursday of every month. The district-appointed Eagle coach who received the completed packet will turn the packet in to the district. Scouts will be contacted by email at least three days prior to the Eagle Night with an assigned appointment time and location. The email will also contain instructions regarding attendance, presentation, and other invited persons.


Questions regarding paperwork and Eagle Night scheduling should be emailed to Questions regarding Eagle advancement should be emailed to

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