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Parent's of Scout age boys,

We are blessed with a great opportunity to strengthen young men in our district through many Scouting activities. One such activity that provides great scouting, leadership and personal spiritual growth is attending a National Scout Jamboree. Our council is recruiting to fill troops of young men for the 2017 National Jamboree. It will be held at Scouting's newest adventure base, Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia. I want every young man in our district to have the opportunity to participate in this wonderful experience.
Since the Jamboree's locality is close to many church and US historical sites, the troops from our council will also visit sites such as Washington DC, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Palmyra, Hill Cumorah, Sacred Grove, the Susquehanna river (priesthood restoration site), Kirtland and others.
Another wonderful benefit is how attending a Jamboree relates to preparing for missionary service. When asked about the parallels, young men have responded with:
“Wearing a uniform is like wearing a suit and tie. It is not always convenient and at times makes you the subject of ridicule.”
“I had a companion every minute of the Jamboree. The buddy system in Scouting is great preparation for the Lord's buddy system on a mission.”
“The Jamboree teaches you to be independent. You are away from home for over 2 weeks and have limited time to call home.”
“Learning how to work and save money to accomplish this goal got me in the habit of saving for my mission.”
“Being in the Sacred Grove was a powerful experience. I will never forget how my testimony was strengthened by seeing all the Church sites.”
While there are positions open in our troop, they can fill up fast. We would like to give the boys from our district the opportunity to attend together in a troop that meets to prepare close to where they live. Troop 4 is the troop in the Timpanogos District. We encourage those interested to sign up now to reserve your spot in the troop and so that your boy can attend meetings starting September of 2015.
Registration is open now at www.utahscouts.org/jamboree. Boys must be 12 to 17 years of age at time of departure and during the Jamboree (July 16 – 31, 2017 for Troop 4).
Leeman Day

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