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Utah National Parks CouncilProgramsInternational ScoutingInternational Scouter Award Recipients

International Scouter Award



The International Scouter Award is a national award conferred by the BSA International Division

upon the recommendation of a council International Representative and Scout Executive. It is a

prestigious award given to scouters who have committed great time, energy, and resources to

international scouting efforts over a number of years. As of 2011, only 1,001 International Scouter

Awards have been presented nationally. On average only 100 awards (from 300 BSA councils) are

presented nationally per year.



Within the Utah National Parks Council, only these 13 scouters have been honored with the International Scouter Award: 


Name City State  Date
John L. Cross, Sr.
Orem UT 30-Oct-03
T. Pat Reilley
Eric J. Tuttle
Orem UT 14-Jun-06
Stan Michelsen
Spanish Fork UT 10-Oct-06
David A. Wilson
Orem UT 05-Dec-07
Shay Warren Lelegren
American Fork UT 28-Oct-08
Marty Val Hill
Pleasant Grove UT 28-Oct-08
James A. Tatton
Nephi UT 28-Oct-08
Jalin Anderson
Saratoga Springs UT 23-Jun-09
Howard Shurtleff
Orem UT 26-Apr-11
Chet Howard
Orem UT 09-Aug-11
Boyd C. Tippetts
Orem UT 09-Aug-11
Ron Nyman


 Those interested in this award may download an application and contact either Marty Val Hill or Jim Tatton for an interview.



The Silver World Award


The other BSA award given for international service to Scouting is called the Silver World Award.

The Silver World Award is exceedingly rare.


Only 114 of these awards have ever been presented, worldwide. BSA only has record of two awards

that were presented to US citizens. One of these recipients was a Utahan:


                                                                 President Spencer W. Kimball of the LDS Church.



 Scouting folklore tells that there were approximately 40 awards that may have been presented to other US citizens and

BSA members, but their names are not on record in the BSA International Division. This award cannot be applied for,

it is a Distinguished Service Award that is bestowed by BSA. Registered BSA Scouters are now ineligible for this award.



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