Register for the 2017 National Scout Jamboree and Tour!

The Troops and Crews are listed below. Each one has a recruitment area from which they will primarily recruit membership, but youth may choose any troop/crew they desire to register with.

Register Troop Number Scoutmaster Tour Recruitment Area
Register Now! Troop 2 Lance Lemon 2 Alpine, Highland, American Fork, East Lehi, Eagle Mountain, Saratogo Springs, West Lehi
Register Now! Troop 3 Mark Pinson 1 Cedar Hills and Manila Stakes
Register Now! Troop 5 Keith Holdaway 1 Orem, Vineyard
Register Now! Troop 6 JC Taylor 1 Orem
Register Now! Troop 7 Bill Mitchell 1 Provo, Provo Sunset Stake
Register Now! Troop 8 Randon Olsen 1 Salem, Salem West Stake
Register Now! Troop 10 Robert Hicken 1 Heber, Midway
Register Now! Troop 11 Daren Larsen, Lawrence Durtschi 1 Vernal, Roosevelt, Maeser, Glines Stake, Ephraim
Register Now! Troop 12 Joseph Elison 2 LaVerkin, Toquerville, Virgin, LaVerkin Stake
Register Now! Troop 13 Arthur LeBaron 2 St. George, Hurricane, Ivins, Cedar City
Register Now! Troop 14 Brad Bunker 2 Blanding, Monticello, Moab
Register Now! Troop 18 Dan Whalen 2 St. George, Southern Utah
Register Now!  Crew 19 Rob Bowring 2 Blanding, Monticello, Moab
Register Now! Crew 15 Len Brunsdale 2 Utah County
Register Now! Crew 16 Kim Gilboy 1 North Utah County (All Girls Crew)
Register Now! Adults - Tour Only   All Adults can also travel with one of the troops/crew above, as long as they register as serve as a Jamboree staff member.


To see the status of all troop/crew registrations, click here.

Youth Requirements

Scouts wanting to join a Jamboree troop must be 12-17 years of age and achieved at least First Class rank at time of departure and during the Jamboree.

Youth wanting to join one of the Venturing Crews must be 14-20 years of age at time of departure and during the Jamboree.

Tour Information

Tour 1 Dates: July 13 – 28, 2017 – tour before the National Jamboree
Tour 2 Dates: July 15 – 31, 2017 – tour some before and some after the National Jamboree

Sites Visited during the Tour (not including the National Jamboree site)

  • Washington D.C.
    • US Capitol
    • Museums
    • Memorials
    • Arlington Cemetery
    • National Archives
    • LDS Temple
  • Philadelphia
    • Liberty Hall
    • Liberty Bell
    • US Mint
    • Liberty Square
  • Palmyra, NY
    • Sacred Grove
    • Smith Family Farm
    • Hill Cumorah
    • Grandin Print shop
    • Whitmer Farm
    • Eerie Canal
  • Harmony, PA
    • Aaronic Priesthood Restoration site
    • Susquehanna River
  • Gettysburg, PA
    • Gettysburg Battlefield with tour guide
    • Amish country
  • Kirtland, OH
    • Kirtland Temple
    • Visitor Center
    • Whitney Store
    • John Johnson Home